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CEMForm CEMForm is a PC based program, designed to operate under all Windows operating systems. Selections & information are available from several pages each accessed as a Windows style ‘tabbed notebook’. All operations are performed by using simple mouse instructions.

  • Update time of <10 seconds.
  • Fully selectable averages from instantaneous to ½ hourly/hourly, daily & monthly, up to a year.
  • Alarms & warnings of proximity & exceedance of ELVs.
  • Simple graphical displays: data for all pertinent averages at the reportable measurement units always available.
  • Real-time trends plotted with alarm levels for an instant assessment of emission levels in relation to ELVs.
  • Instantly accessible grid of data for the last 24 hours worth of emissions.
  • Trends selectable for all measurements for time spans of between 10 minutes up to 1 month.

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