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CEMView Client is the visualization application layer of the CEMView application. It interacts with the CEMView Server application and provides the user interface to display information and to control the CEMView application and all connected CEM analysis instruments. It can be deployed on the local computer or on a remote computer as a Remote CEMView Client application.

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CEMView Client implements a number of industry standard interfaces to interact with CEMView Server. These include the OPC Client Data Access specification, the OPC Alarm & Events specification and the OLE-DB consumer database technology. This enables the CEMView Client application to:

  • Display all data and system status information acquired or computed for the CEM system. This is accomplished with a variety of user interface display and control components that include:
    • Gauges, charts, list and edit controls.
    • Status lamps and control pushbuttons.
  • Generate the regulatory compliance reports and operating status reports.
  • Display and manage Alarms and Events.
  • Manage and host optional add-on components that include:
    • Analysis instrument specific configuration and parameterization applications.
    • Analysis instrument specific diagnostic information with on-line integrated help.
    • Microsoft Scripting Technologies used to enhance the user interface.
      • VBScript.
      • JScript
    • Integrated Gas Auditor application to control the analysis instrument for:
      • Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)
      • Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA)
      • Linearity Check
      • Cylinder Cross Check
    • Enhanced reporting functionality using Microsoft Excel
    • Electronic Data Reporting (EDR) extensions.

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