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CEMView Data Logger (DL) is our entry level product for value conscious customers. It is designed to meet the needs for a CEM data acquisition system for customers in countries and areas that are not required to meet any specific regulatory compliance reporting requirements, with the added benefit of a simple migration path to a regulatory compliant reporting system, in the future.

The development of CEMView DL was in response to demand for a lower-cost, easily configurable, non-compliant data acquisition system for simple, straight-forward data logging applications.  As a member of the CEMView product family, the CEMView DL version shares many of the powerful features of the fully regulatory requirements compliant CEMView versions (LT, SE and PE) including graphical displays and report generation capabilities.  Comparable to a chart recorder, CEMView DL is sufficient to meet current needs for recording your emissions data, with the added benefit of having simple block averages for data reduction and reporting.

The regulatory average is at the core of compliance reporting for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).  Regulatory averages can include block averages, rolling averages and FIFO averages.  The CEMView DL version supports only a simple block average (1-minute, 15-minute and 60-minute), only a single signal for qualifying the data to be included in the average (Measure versus Maintenance) and data validation for the block is not performed (one data point is sufficient to validate the block averages).

The CEMView DL reporting package consists of a number of reports to meet most basic reporting requirements.  These include single and multiple component (measurand or pollutant) reports.

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