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CEMView is a family of Modular, High Performance Data Acquisition and Reporting Software for Environmental and Continuous Emissions Monitoring. The design philosophy of CEMView is to ensure that you always know everything you need to know. Anytime, from any place, from any location. Hence, the requirements for a robust application architecture is always at the forefront of the CEMView design requirements.

Developed specifically for environmental monitoring applications, the open, modular and scalable architectureis highly flexible and configurable.  It is simply the best solution to your needs for a robust CEM DAS.

The view that the CEM system is a separate standalone system which must exist on the periphery of the plant process control system, operated by the environmental personnel and not the process control personnel, in our opinion, is rather antiquated.

The Nexus Solutions vision for the CEM system is that it is simply an extension of the overall plant process control system.  It should fit seamlessly into, and simply be an integral part of the architectural backbone of the plant process control system.

The result of our unwavering commitment to product excellence is that the CEMView product family has set the standard and continues to raise the bar for a CEM DAS.

The CEMView product family can be custom tailored to meet the regulatory compliance requirements of even the most demanding applications.

CEMView is available in several different versions and languages to meet the regulatory compliance requirements for a number of jurisdictions and countries.  Additional information and details are also available at this link to our CEMView Versions.

Please consult us if you are unsure of which version of CEMView is suitable for your application.  Your country, jurisdiction and industry-specific application requirements determine which version of CEMView is best suited for your site specific needs for a CEM DAS.

CEMView is a UNICODE application and it is currently available in several languages including English, French, German and Spanish.  Chinese and Arabic is under development. Translation to any other language is possible.

CEMView is designed to simply be the best. A number of world class open technologies and features incorporated into CEMView help to make CEMView the standard for a CEM DAS.

A robust application architecture is the foundation of any great product. The CEMView application architecture meets this challenge head-on by incorporating the OPC Specification standards, the most important open standard for process control systems to have emerged in decades.

Adherence to open industry standard specifications simplify integration of the CEM DAS with current and future plant process control architectures. These technologies also ensure that CEMView can meet and exceed the regulatory compliance reporting requirements for all applications. The CEMView OPC based architecture was an industry first and the technological advantages of the CEMView architecture has proven to be the new standard for process control architectures.

Advanced instrument diagnostics are crucial to operating and maintaining the CEM system and to ensure that overall system availability is maximized. The CEMView diagnostic capability seamlessly integrated into the product is unparalleled in the industry.

The scalable CEMView architecture also ensures that a version of CEMView exists to meet the application compliance requirements and at the same time to offer the best value. Several CEMView versions and configurations are available to suit a spectrum of needs. Additional features include High Availability, Data MirrorData Buffer-PAC and a version specifically designed for Stack Testers

Reliable computer hardware is also a cornerstone of any robust CEM DAS. Nexus Solutions has a number of standard computer hardware configurations that incorporate several important features such as a RAID 1 mirrored drive array mounted in vibration isolation drive bays, which ensure reliable operation in industrial process control environments.

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