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CEMView ST is the Stack Tester edition of our CEMView product family.  The requirements for a continuous emissions monitoring data acquisition system (CEM DAS) for a stack testing organization is very different from a standard CEM DAS for a fixed source. CEMView ST incorporates the power of the Nexus Calculation Processor (NCP), the CEMView GA (Gas Auditor) application and powerful integrated front-end tools for managing multiple customer configurations, to produce a CEM DAS application that is tailored to the unique requirements of Stack Test organizations.

CEMView ST allows the creation and management of multiple customer profiles and configurations that can be saved and re-used. These features allow the user (stack test organization) to effectively create a CEM DAS application that is unique to each customer's site and source.

Complex and labor intensive regulatory compliance tests, such as a Bias or a Linearity check, are initiated, controlled, recorded and reported with the CEMView ST Gas Auditor. For a RATA, bias and 21-minute run results are tabulated and computed with the results imediately available to the tester. Bad 21-minute runs can be flagged and the immediate availability of this information will assist with the decision making process on whether or not the RATA will pass or fail, hence continue with the RATA or abort the RATA.

Results from previous historical RATA, CGA and / or Linearity checks are readily available for comparison with the current run results.  Charts and reports are easily created and viewed, and the information is readily available in Excel spreadsheet format for effortless inclusion with the final reports and test results that are submitted to the customer.

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