- Version 2.0 - Pipette Calibration Software


Check&Track v2.0 offers just-in-time management of certification and recordkeeping for pipettes, specific to ISO 9000, ISO 8655, DIN 12650 and NCCLS requirements. Key benefits of this technology include automatic collection of data from an RS232 balance, automatic calibration procedures (manufacturer specific and custom macros), guided data collection during calibration, online input for environmental parameters, automatic statistics and qualification according to the specifications of the manufacturer, complete pipette history, schedules for pipette's calibration and balance service administration.

Pipettes, the main volumetric instruments in the lab, are the core of your laboratory quality management. Therefore just-in-time acquisition of your pipettes’ precision and accuracy is a main issue in a GLP or GMP facility. Check&Track is a safe and convenient solution managing certification and record keeping of your pipettes according to the different QA standards.

  • Flexible report layout including specific company information
  • Complete and printable audit trail
  • Meets ISO 9000, ISO 8655, DIN 12650, NCCLS, GMP and GLP requirements: Specific administrator and operator functions
  • Login and password administration
  • Guided pipette checks
  • Main Features of Check&Track: Electroinc collection of balance weighing values from any balance connected via serial port (RS232).
  • Electronic collection of environment parameters from an environment sensor connected via USB (temperature, pressure and humidity).
  • Automatic conversion of balance weighing values to volumes, taking into account temperature, pressure, humidity, altitude
  • and balance weight density.
  • Automatic calculation of statistical significance, based on the specified number of measurements, accuracy and precision.
  • Complete pipette check history, including raw data.
  • Accuracy and precision history (charts) for every pipette.
  • Email reminders per operator, listing all pipettes due for checking within a configurable number of days.
  • Printable audit trails.
  • Single and network installation supported.
  • IQ/OQ documents available on request.
  • Check&Track is suitable for: Fixed volume pipettes
  • Variable volume pipettes
  • Multi-channel pipettes
  • Stepping pipettes
  • Volumetric glassware
  • System requirements: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024

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