Chemeritus Includes GoldFFX PLUS: Chemical (sub)structure search tools, 3-D Molecular Modelling, Expert Toxicological Reports, Extensive Environmental Reports, Personal Protection Documentation, Chemical Transport Information, Custom Form Designer Tools

Chemeritus offers a set of expert tools

In under 2 minutes you may:

  • Produce Compliant Mixture Classificatiosn for 80+ Countries
  • Produce Labels in 47 Languages
  • Generate and Review Expert Tox, Ecotox and PPE Reports
  • Risk-Assess the newly create mixture
  • …much, much more…

Toxicological Report
Extensive Toxicological research combined in a single document. In researching more than 100,000 Substances and 150,000 common Mixtures, over 20 years. Chemwatch has built up an extensive knowledge base of Toxicological data. Expert articles, peer-reviewed publications as well as trusted Government publications are only some of the sources Chemwatch has used to acquire the necessary information. Each Substance in Chemwatch library will have an extensive Tox report; To give you an idea on how much information it can carry - we can say that some Tox reports exceed 7 pages. Available in Chemeritus - and in 47 languages, this is a report designed for experts.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Standard Operating Procedure Report When you are reviewing a product or a substance for use at your Organisation, this SOP report will give you more information than any Vendor (M)SDS! Covering Engineering Controls, PPE, Precautions, and much more, this document is a valuable part of any Approval process. Available in 47 languages!

Personal Protection (PPE) Report
Extensive advice on Personal Protection! Whilst a typical (M)SDS would communicate the appropriate Personal Protection controls it often fails to go into much detail; Chemwatch has developed special Glove Selection Index calculations and a Respirator algorithm that suggests best PPE types for certain situations. Often exceeding 2 pages this report is available in 47 languages!

Environmental Report
Extensive Environmental Report Available in 47 languages this document provides extensive review of anecdotal and other Ecotoxicological data presented in an easy-to-read format with the level of hazard clearly indicated in the colour of the document header. Comes standard with Chemeritus.

Chemical (Sub)Structure Search
Drawing brings SMILES to your face… Use Structure Drawing tool to search a library of over 360,000 substances. You may also use SMILES Structure Search which is also native to Chemwatch applications.

3D Molecular Modelling
Visualise and explore over 200,000 molecular structures. Over 360,000 Pure Substance molecular structures are avialble in Chemwatch. Use Chemeritus application to visualise and explore these. No Browser plugins required.

Substance Library
A fountain of knowledge…Over 150.000 substances have been fully reviewed and characterised. Our team has developed SDS (in almost 50 languages) as well as animal- and eco-tox, emergency response and safe handling procedures, for each. The Chemwatch Library is the world’s largest independently, peer-reviewed substances, growing by thousands yearly.

Classification and Authoring
Any substance or mixture is classified following reference to Chemwatch's underlying database  of 700,000 substances. The database is based on, for example, EU Annex I/VI Japan GHS(NITE). Korea GHS(NEIR), NZ CCID, C&L Inventory, ECHA Dossiers and QSAR 'Read-across' solutions. Users may substitute their own Classifications. All substances are automatically linked to an (M)SDS authored using our Authoring tool, without additional cost. The Authoring tool is supported by over 100,000 Expert Rules created over many years by our technical teams of graduate and post-graduate scientists. All regulated formats supported (GHS/ REACh/ Chinese/ Japanese / Korean etc) in almost 50 languages. Over 30,000-strong  phrase library (per language) comes with the System. Expert translations for each phrase is performed by native speakers specialising in OHS. Comprehensive  Audit Trail tools are supplied with Chemwatch Systems.

Supply Chain Management
Dangerous Goods may be added to any consignment, packed, consolidated, and transported to clients. Ensure full compliance with Packaging and Transport requirements - alerts available when chemicals are 'illegally'  packed in combination packages, consolidated loads or onto trucks, ships or aircraft. Outer/ consolidated package markings or vehicle placards calculated and displayed on-screen. Chemical incompatibilities recorded at all levels of the supply chain ( generating alerts). Generates all mandatory Report (MultiModal Declarations, Bill of Lading, Airway Bill etc). Supported by Bar-code (1D/ 2D) ad RFID management at all stages of the supply chain. Consignment tracking is also a feature that supports the requirements of most freight forwarders (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)

Regulatory Compliance
Chemwatch creates and maintains, arguably, the World's largest database of Substance Regulation (800,000+ substances, 7000 families, 5000+ granulated Lists, over 85 countries). All data is available in the Cloud and may be delivered to ERP systems, Reports and other Regulatory instruments using a simple Web Service API. Data is updated daily. Over 12 GB of data is currently available, making it at least 4 times bigger than our nearest competitor. Our  Regulatory team of almost 20 individuals is provides support during normal business hours by Video, Audio or Live Chat.

Chemical Approvals
Prior to purchasing any chemical, our on-line Approvals tool checks each ingredient against over 300 Lists of Concern, produces a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Full Tox and Ecotox Reports, Engineering and PPE Controls Report as well as Registered Uses (under ECHA). It also allows you to produce a Risk Assessment using in-built Control Banding models. Any two (or more) persons will always get the same result irrespective of their level of skill. Workflow engine allows you to configure your Approvals system in a way that reflects your organisational structure. Each stakeholder may be assigned any one or a combination of tools, reports and forms to complete before the approval is sent to the next stage. Full e-mail alerts system is also available, alerting stakeholders of new requests as well as existing requests needing their attention.

Health, Safety and Environment
Our services, products and solutions are a manifestation of combined efforts, knowledge and research undertaken by  professional staff of almost 300 include Chemists, Toxicologists, Hygienists,  Regulatory experts and physicians. Each contribute their expertise to each module, calculation and report produced by our systems. Our focus is on the knowing the Hazards, and evaluating the Risks. Chemwatch is not simply an IT company. Rapidly evolving technological solutions are enormously valuable in delivering fast, accurate and stable software.

Emergency Management
Emergency Response documents are generated for all Chemicals in the system. Fire, Spills, First Aid, Medical and Worker or domestic exposure advice is available for each chemical (substance or mixture). Reports are comprehensive (they may contain several pages of information each). Emergency Response Service Hot Line 24/7 provides responses in over 150 languages and is supported by trained individuals specialising in Fire/ Spills/ Medical and Regulatory disciplines. This service is used by hundreds of companies world-wide.

GHS Worldwide Support
Chemwatch ensures that Purple Book requirements (several revisions) are supported in its entirety. (M)SDS formats, including building block requirements for each region/country are also supported. Substance and mixture Classification Rules generate content automatically with 'on-board engine'. Country and region differences, for any substance, are reflected in all reports.

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