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Products compliance and hazardous reporting are tasks not taken lightly for any manufacturer of chemical products. You have a responsibility to product and environmental safety, and the burden of meeting local, regional, and national requirements, wherever your products are shipped. Free up your time and resources for business-critical objectives. Leave reporting compliance to us. Your business depends on it, but your resources shouldn’t have to.

Hazox for Chemical Reporting
Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, SDS authoring, and chemical reporting with less time and effort, freeing up your resources for business-critical objectives.

Automate for Efficiency
Smart technology leads to smarter business operations. Automate your reporting capabilities by integrating changes to your ERP system directly into your reporting in real time.

Customized for Compliance
From out of the box solutions to customized features, we give you choices for your reporting process. You can match your capabilities to suit your business well.

Built to comply for all
We serve a diverse community of businesses that require chemical reporting, regardless of scale. From global to local and everything in between, no compliance need is too large or too small.

Receive inventory
information directly from an ERP system in real time for the purpose of chemical reporting.

Generate compliant
Generate compliant hazard communications using chemical formulation data

In conjunction with your organization’s ERP system
we can generate local, regional, and national chemical inventory reports, including:

  • Tier II reports
  • Form_R Toxic Release Inventory (TRO) reports that conform to SARA 313 specifications
  • Mass balance reports
  • VOC reports
  • HAPS reports
  • Local emergency services reports
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities

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