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- Version Inspect Pro Control C - Process-Control Optimization Software


Process-control optimization with camera-based characteristic. inspect pro control C acquires and analyzes image data obtained from high performance infrared cameras in cement rotary-kiln systems. The so ware preprocesses image data and calculates characteristic parameters of the combustion behavior. On this basis, process control is adapted to optimize operations. inspect pro control C transfers the new parameters directly to the burner and process-control system of the incinerator while simultaneously visualizing and archiving them.

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The innovative inspect pro control C system was developed in cooperation with research and industry, and has already been applied successfully at the production facilities of leading cement manufacturers. Even when there are a wide variety of fuel fractions, the system successfully calculates the combustion characteristics required and derives the control parameters needed to achieve stable combustion and de ned temperature distributions. As a result, a consistently high product quality is reached. inspect pro control C can be used to retrofit all rotary kiln plants. It allows for reducing energy consumption while still maintaining a high product quality and increasing the service life of the equipment.

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