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SDS Guru and CIA Guru - provides MSDS & Chemical Inventory Analysis Management solutions to ensure your single or multi-facility company is HazCom and EPA compliant. Get your first 25 SDS free indefinitely or select the app that's right for you!

Ingredients screened without SDS Management

Screen your chemical product inventory to identify/flag the product ingredients present at your facility. Flag your true regulatory requirements.

Our trained data entry staff will enter the following for your products:

  • Unit of Measure conversion & calculation of chemical quantities
  • Maximum on hand any day
  • Container Type(s)
  • Physical Hazards
  • Health Hazards
  • Physical Properties
  • Product Ingredients
  • Chemical list with ingredients and percentages
  • Flag products that contain regulated chemicals

Safety Screen
Easily identify what chemical safety hazards by work area

  • Flammable Hazards
  • Pressure Hazards
  • Reactive Hazards
  • Acute Health Hazards
  • Chronic Health Hazards
  • Process Safety Management
  • Methylene Chloride

SARA Screen
Easily screen for your facility's SARA Title 3 Requirements

  • Total Chemical Inventory
  • Emergency Release Priority Products
  • EHS
  • TRI
  • 10,000 lb.

Enviro Screen
Screen and flag many local/federal environmental regulated chemicals

  • Ozone Depleting
  • Clean Air Act
  • Storm Water
  • Clean Water Act
  • RCRA

DHS Anti-Terrorism Chemical Screen
Easily determine your Department of Homeland Security Topscreen requirements

  • Release - Toxic
  • Release - Flammable
  • Release - Explosive
  • Theft - CW/CWP (Minimum DHS Concentration)
  • Theft - WME (CUM 100 grams)
  • Theft - WME (Minimum DHS Concentration)
  • Theft - WME (Minimum DHS Concentration)
  • Theft/Diversion - EXP/IEDP
  • Sabotage/Containment

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