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Clean Water Act / NPDES Compliance - NPDES Module



The NPDES module tracks National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and maintains parameter limit and discharge monitoring reports (DMR) for compliance with the reporting requirements under the Clean Water Act. The PERMIT module is indispensable for tracking all permit compliance activities and dates. Add the TASK MASTER module to manage all your environmental activities and project schedules.

The NPDES manages outfalls, permit parameters, parameter limits and test data for pretreatment, industrial water, wastewater or stormwater permits.

With NPDES you can track analytical sample results for discharge calculation. It generates daily, monthly and annual discharge monitoring reports (DMR), trend analysis and many other reports.

The module produces an annual release summary to water for Form R/Toxic Release Inventory reporting.

This standalone module tracks the details of all permits, including scope, status, monitoring and reporting specifications.

  • Produces reports of upcoming renewal dates and other events.
  • Automatically alerts you of permit renewal deadlines

TASK MASTER, an add-on to any standaloneMIRS™module, provides calendaring function for environmental projects and activities. TASK MASTER tracks deadlines and automatically alerts the user of expirations at different levels of system access.

  • Generate email notifications and automatic reminder messages of upcoming tasks and deadlines.
  • Customized deadline reminder: you can set reminder frequency, priority, and message at different levels of system access.
  • Maintains log history of tasks with who/what/when/why.

TASK MASTER produces a variety of reports useful for time-management and tracking, including: reports of scheduled tasks, reports of outstanding tasks, and reports reflecting all tasks for specified users. Provides documentation important to ISO 14000 compliance pursuits.

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