Code Enforcement


Web and mobile tablet based code enforcement enterprise software applications and systems for inspections, inspection billing, invoicing, permitting and licensing. Government jurisdictions, municipalities and businesses alike will benefit from over 14 years of industry experience. Using any Internet browser access your code enforcement system 24/7 anywhere anytime.

Every one of our code enforcement software applications used by inspectors in the field is designed for their industry only. No need to wade through endless computer screens or pages to find the section you what or need. The result is greater efficiency and accuracy of data inputted. Why reinvent the wheel? Our Code Enforcement series of browser based software applications include over 14 years of industry experience and input.

Enterprise software applications include but not limited to: Central Accounting (Invoicing, Permitting & Licensing) Boilers & Pressure Vessels, Elevators & Lifts (Includes Ski Lifts & Amusement Rides), Welders IX. Fuel Safety, High Pressure Piping, LPG-Liquid Propane, Registered Plants, Power Engineers & Exam Scheduler, Time Sheets. Occupational Health & Safety, Hazmat (Asbestos-ACM management+) and more...

Boiler & Pressure Vessels, Hobby Boilers, Fuel Safety, High Pressure Piping, Boats (small vessels), Elevators, Ski Lifts & Amusement Rides, Power Engineers, Plumbing, Registered Plants, Exam Scheduler, Activities Time Sheets management, Welders, LPG-Liquid Propane and Occupational Health & Safety, Certificate and Permit receivable management, PLUS custom applications based on our proven core modules.

No matter what size project we can handle it small or large with the best service in the industry.

Integrated Inspection-Invoicing, Permit and licensing software solution.

Unique experience based enterprise software applications that can integrate with, upgrade or replace your existing legacy system/s. Software designed & built from the ground up with detailed business process and design input by the people that actually have to use it to conduct their jobs day in and day out.

  • Central integrated inspections, permit, licensing and Code Enforcement solution.
  • Available as an enterprise client sever LAN/WAN/VPN. fully web based systems or a combination.
  • Field inspectors / officers can conduct inspections and carry their complete inspection history with them, independent of the Internet.
  • Can easily track and manage 10 objects or millions of objects.
  • Built in quick wizards that help you speed up day to day code enforcement tasks.
  • Reduces risk and increases efficiency.
  • Issue permit, licenses, certificates and invoices quicker and with greater accuracy.
  • Manage orders, directives and client questions from a central querying and reporting solution.
  • Track and manage account receivables with greater efficiency.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry errors. Hand written inspection forms now become optional.
  • Seamlessly connects field inspectors, office personnel and management.
  • Scheduling of inspections can be a simple as picking an object from a displayed (GIS) map and sending it to <my workload scheduler>.

Solid proven software applications built from the ground up with detailed business process and design input by field inspectors / officers and office personnel that actually have to use it to conduct their jobs day in and day out. Each of the Enterprise Inspector Series software applications work together to form a tightly integrated system, that can literally manage millions of objects. Completely scalable, from tracking and managing one object to millions of objects, without any loss in performance.

A sample of our enterprise software application modules:
  • Occupational Health & Safety - Full enterprise system.
  • NEW version BoilersPLUS (BPV)
  • Hobby Boilers.
  • NEW version - Web based Insurance Co. portal. Works with BoilersPlus (BPV).
  • Fuel Safety.
  • NEW version Section IX Welders.
  • Inspector & personnel activity time tracking-Time Sheets.
  • Power Engineers.
  • Exam Scheduler.
  • Plant Registration.
  • Elevators-Lifts (includes) Ski Lifts & Amusement Rides.
  • High Pressure Piping.
  • LP Gas-Liquid Propane.
  • Plumbing.
  • Boats (small vessels).
  • Risk Based Priority Inspection (Oil Storage).
  • Central Invoicing and management (Certificates, Permits issuance, receivables etc.).
  • Plus more...

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