Version comAMPS - Seamless communication


Aimed at handling communication infrastructure projects, comAMPS provides organizations with a powerful, real-time, Web-based database that can effectively manage new projects in addition to operation and maintenance of existing communication infrastructure.

comAMPS is another in the series of products offered by geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, Ohio, area. geoAMPS provides software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets for a variety of industries.

Users of the comAMPS software enjoy real-time access to exact locations of underground lines, foreign utilities, encroachments, permits, maintenance schedules and other critical aspects of operating and managing communications infrastructure.

Scheduled alerts will trigger work orders to the maintenance crews for timely completion, smooth operations and compliance with various federal, state and local agencies. The payment module can be used to manage both recurring and one-time payments, providing centralized financial tracking of all transactions.

comAMPS provides seamless integration with an organization’s unique monitoring and other in-house systems to generate location-specific alerts. This can greatly improve organizational efficiency and cycle times for associated work.

comAMPS improves productivity and work flow by making it possible for crews to work onsite through mobile applications or in remote locations through a detached platform. comAMPS comes with geographical information system (GIS) capability, making this powerful software a comprehensive and paperless solution for managing communication infrastructure.

geoAMPS recently joined the worldwide community of companies in the Esri Partner Network as a Silver Tier Partner. Esri is the market leader in GIS technology. By becoming a Silver Tier Partner, geoAMPS taps into the Esri Partner Network for technological and marketplace strategies to develop and market geoAMPS business offering built on the Esri software platform.

About geoAMPS
Located in Powell, Ohio, geoAMPS is a technology company developing software for managing land rights and infrastructure assets for its global customers. geoAMPS’ off-the-shelf products have been developed through collaboration between industry and technology experts. With ongoing commitment to partnerships and investments in research and development, geoAMPS creates comprehensive industry-specific solutions that are incredibly powerful and intuitive to meet the demanding needs of business.

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