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The Basic Edition of CombustionOpt is a focused version of the combustion optimizer that is currently being used at over 100 sites throughout the US and addresses your fundamental fuel and air optimization objectives focusing on reducing NOx and better control CO. It integrates neural network-based optimization and model predictive control (MPC) to extract knowledge about the combustion process, determine the optimal balance of fuel and air flows in the furnace, and respond to changing conditions. It directly adjusts the DCS or other control system biases to more consistently position dampers, burner tilts, over-fire air and other controllable parameters to minimize NOx and CO.

As you may know, the Work Practice Standards provision of the EPA's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule requires that, starting in April 2015, generators inspect, repair, tune, and test all coal and oil-fired boilers every three years; this will include observation, parts replacement, and emissions testing that will require outages. The only way to minimize these consequences is to use neural networks to optimize the boiler for NOx and CO. Generators who install neural optimizers can delay tuning their boilers and control systems until 2016, can perform subsequent tunings every four years, and need only show the effect on boiler performance with the optimizer in use versus not in use.

These EPA requirements are more than satisfied by the Basic Edition of CombustionOpt.

Because of the clear and limited optimization objectives, NeuCo can offer the focused Basic Edition of CombustionOpt at a substantially lower price than the full CombustionOpt product. But the Basic Edition of CombustionOpt is just the first step toward complete boiler optimization. The next step is BoilerOpt which provides significant and dependable heat rate and availability benefits as well as further reductions in NOx. BoilerOpt consists of the Enterprise version of ProcessLink, the standard version of CombustionOpt and SootOpt.


  • Reduces NOx while tightly controlling CO
  • Improves boiler efficiency as a by-product of improved combustion
  • Installs quickly
  • Responds to MATS Work Practice Standards, and minimizes costs for boiler inspections, tuning, and testing

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