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NeuCo, Inc.

- Real-time Combustion Optimization Solution


CombustionOpt is the market-leading real-time combustion optimization solution in the power industry. It provides optimization of fuel and air mixing by manipulating relevant fuel and air injection points in real time to reduce NOx and other emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Because it can learn complex process relationships, it dynamically determines what the optimal fuel and air setpoint biasing should be and it can make the necessary adjustments to fuel and air variables in real-time, and responds to changing conditions. CombustionOpt adjusts the DCS or other control system biases to more consistently position dampers, burner tilts, overfire air and other controllable parameters at their optimal settings for given sets of conditions, objectives and constraints.

It has helped more than 200 generating units in US, Europe, and Asia achieve reduced NOx emissions, improved boiler efficiency, better controlled CO, slagging, LOI, and opacity, and more consistent combustion and boiler operations.

CombustionOpt's flexibility allows it to respond to the ever-changing nature of today's power plants. Optimization goals and constraints can be easily modified to incorporate new controls and objectives, or to address additional optimization challenges.

CombustionOpt combines neural network and model predictive control (MPC) technologies to provide its results. It provides insight into why it takes the actions it takes, and also provides advanced analysis tools and real-time benefits benchmarking.


  • Reduces NOx emissions and reagent costs
  • Improves heat rate
  • Avoids fouling and slagging
  • Improves steam temperature control
  • Reduces LOI
  • Avoids opacity excursions
  • Reduces MATS inspection/tuning/testing costs
  • Increases MATS-related outage scheduling flexibility

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