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Monitoring task progress is fundamental in keeping compliant and avoiding fines. For many industrial organizations regulatory requirements and deadlines are numerous and complex. Sending emails with spreadsheets and calling team members for updates on assigned tasks are not efficient tracking methods. T3 developed the regulatory compliance management system, Compliance Sentinel, to assist users track and manage regulatory compliance tasks.

This remotely hosted Web application allows users to:

  • Assign tasks to one or more individuals
  • Associate tasks to an organizational unit (e.g., business line, plant, area, unit, source)
  • Sort and filter tasks quickly
  • Send automated email reminders of upcoming or missed deadlines, even to third party vendors
  • Track comment history for each task
  • Flag and document deviations associated with a task
  • Download tasks to a spreadsheet

Visible progress and transparency
Compliance Sentinel is a cost-effective solution that promotes project transparency by keeping tasks and progress visible to all users. Visible progress helps maintain team motivation as well as drive advancement of initiatives, reduce administrative overhead for project managers and/or team leads, and create a historical record of project work. All users can see which tasks are pending or overdue, which ones have deviations, and identify the assignee or responsible official.

Easy to Navigate
Accessible by most Internet browsers, Compliance Sentinel’s intuitive navigation features make the system easy to quickly determine the status of each task. Because the system is entirely web based, URL’s or web links can be saved to your Internet browser or desktop to quickly access the system’s home page or a specific subset of tasks (e.g., link to all pending tasks). The home page conveniently displays a list of all past due tasks and all incomplete tasks that are assigned to the user.

Task assignment and organization
Tasks can be assigned to any user. When a task is created, Compliance Sentinel can send an email to the assignee and responsible official notifying them that a new task has been assigned. The email includes a link to the task along with task details (e.g., task title, due date, description, responsible official).

Tasks can be associated with an organizational unit such as a business line, plant, area, unit, and source. Tasks can be filtered to display only those tasks that belong to a specific organizational unit.

Comments providing additional details can be added to a task. Any user can add comments but only authorized users can modify task requirements, assign to another user, and send update notifications. The user’s name, date, and time are recorded on all comments.

Alerts keep you informed
Email alerts can be sent to notify users of newly assigned tasks, pending tasks, task due dates, and past due tasks. Each email contains the task summary and a link that opens the task in Compliance Sentinel. Different email alert options can be set for each task. Users also have the ability to set alerts to be notified of any changes made to task lists or tasks within select display views (e.g., task with deviations). Alerts can be delivered immediately after a change has been made, or as a daily or weekly summary.

RSS feeds provide frequently updated content published by Compliance Sentinel. Users can subscribe to a feed to be notified of new content changes that update each time you visit the feed.

SharePoint platform
Compliance Sentinel is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. This platform smoothly integrates with the Microsoft Office environment and is ideal for customization. T3 can provide the necessary assistance to migrate (including data) and configure the system if you wish to host on your own  SharePoint server.

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