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Construction Sentinel provides continuous noise and ground-vibration monitoring. It delivers real-time alerts of exceedances, audio playback for investigation, and comprehensive reporting to show your ongoing compliance with local regulations and legislation. Brüel & Kjær takes care of the hassle associated with monitoring compliance, as we provide the instruments, installation, operation, data capture, records management calibration, and fault rectification. We even take everything away at the end of the project. During operation you can access the data on the internet 24/7, freeing you to operate more effectively.

  • Delivers peace of mind
  • Simplifies your business
  • Provides certainty of cost
  • From an independent provider you and your stakeholders can trust

Construction Sentinel is part of the Noise Sentinel family of subscription services for unattended, long-term outdoor monitoring. Construction Sentinel has all the capabilities of Noise Sentinel, with the addition of tri-axial ground-vibration monitoring.

It is provided as a fixed-price subscription service that includes everything you need to provide accurate assessment of noise and vibration impact, giving certainty to your monitoring costs throughout the life of the project. And because you are not buying the equipment, the costs of establishing your monitoring capability are are much lower than if you were to purchase and operate your own instrumentation.

  • Simultaneous measurement of noise, vibration, dust and air quality (peak particle velocity or vibration dose value)
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • Automatic compliance reporting
  • Real-time control to reduce impact
  • Alerts on exceedances so you can take immediate action to reduce their impact
  • Automatic notification via email or SMS
  • Audio recording to aid remote investigate of causes
  • Remote access from anywhere - on the Internet
  • Solar power and mobile communications for stand-alone operation
  • Annual calibration of monitors

The highest quality result

  • We operate the equipment for you, along with automatic data recovery
  • We audit and verify the data
  • We deliver the results for you to manage you business
  • You have the confidence of the Brüel & Kjær name behind the quality and accuracy of your data

Simplify your operations

  • Noise Sentinel leaves you free to focus on your core business, involving you only when necessary
  • Work right up to your noise or vibration limits, confident that real-time alerting will let you know if there is a problem
  • The service is flexible to adapt to changing needs throughout your project
  • We look after all your data so you don’t have to back it up
  • We handle standards traceability

Simplify your finances

  • Reduces the expenditure in the first year 
  • Provides certainty of cost throughout your construction project
  • Delivers a lower total cost of operation


Reduce risk on your construction project

  • Continuous vibration monitoring to manage the risk of building damage or disruption to nearby sensitive equipment
  • Continuous noise monitoring to manage noise nuisance and limit complaints

Construction Sentinel alerts you immediately when noise or vibration exceeds defined levels, allowing you to take immediate action to change operations before a breach occurs. Investigation will help you determine the cause and ascertain if it was your responsibility.

Manage noise proactively to avoid costly delays
Noise is not always continuously monitored at construction sites, but construction in built-up areas can cause a significant noise nuisance - particularly where works continue into the night, and at weekends. If significant complaints are received, regulators are duty-bound to investigate, and may impose costly operating practices and restrictions - introducing significant delays and cost to the project.

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