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Cool Farm Tool for Online Greenhouse Gas Calculator


The Cool Farm Tool is an online greenhouse gas calculator that is free for growers to help them measure the carbon footprint of crop and livestock products. The Cool Farm Tool (CFT) was originally developed by Unilever and researchers at the University of Aberdeen to help growers measure and understand on-farm greenhouse gas emissions. The CFT has since been tested and adopted by a range of multinational companies who are using it to work with their suppliers to measure, manage, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the effort to mitigate global climate change.

The CFT is an online, farm-level greenhouse gas emissions calculator based on empirical research from a broad range of published data sets. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to complete based on information that a farmer will have readily available. The tool identifies hotspots and makes it easy for farmers to test alternative management scenarios and identifies those that will have a positive impact on the total net greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike many other agricultural greenhouse gas calculators, the CFT includes calculations of soil carbon sequestration, which is a key feature of agriculture that has both mitigation and adaptation benefits.

The algorithms and usage of the CFT have been vetted, improved, and adapted since its inception in 2010, including the two-year Cool Farming Options global assessment led by the Sustainable Food Labin conjunction with University of Aberdeen and Unilever. During 2013 the CFT migrated to its current online version, under the guidance and testing of the Institute's members before its release and launch in January 2014.

Please log in and enjoy using the CFT on your farm or with your supply chain. We really welcome feedback and will be building a user community to help us to continuously improve and develop the product to meet your needs. For now, please Contact Us directly with your input and ideas.

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