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Create risk-informed investment strategies for your entire asset base. At the core of the ISO 55000 asset management standard is the concept that assets exist to generate value for the company and its stakeholders. To maximize business value, organizations must develop comprehensive plans to proactively manage risk and ensure the ongoing performance and reliability of critical infrastructure. The Copperleaf™ C55 Predictive Analytics suite empowers companies to understand their asset sustainment needs over the long term, and create an investment strategy that maximises business value while proactively managing risk.

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Predict the sustainment needs of diverse assets

Many asset-intensive organizations struggle to forecast sustainment needs across diverse asset pools. C55™ Asset Analytics provides a long-term view by determining the optimal economic intervention dates for every unique asset, based on its age, condition, degradation, and risk profile. C55 considers the total cost of operating, maintaining, refurbishing and replacing the asset, as well as the risks associated with potential failures, throughout its entire lifecycle.

Determine optimal funding levels for populations of assets

Large populations of assets with relatively low individual cost, such as distribution poles or sewer pipes, require special attention. Rather than addressing these assets individually, companies design recurring programs blending proactive and reactive investment to manage risk across the asset pool. However, the business consequences of reducing or increasing the level of investment in these programs is not well understood. With C55 Program Analytics, you can easily compare the risk, benefits and cost trade-offs of various levels of funding to identify the optimal investment strategy.

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