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- Lab Inventory and Storage Management



The inventory and storage management functions of the Core LIMS allow end-users to know where everything has been and for how long. The system manages stock supplies and reagents, as well as assigns automatic re-order alerts. Storage capacity across facilities is easily located with the Core system, which can also store the environmental requirements for solutions, reagents, samples etc. to ensure that they remain in the proper conditions.

Core Informatics has partnered with Tracking Solutions in order to provide customers with state of the art inventory tracking and management capabilities. Core understands the unique challenges (temperature extremes, organic solvents, etc.) of inventory management in the field. The combination of Cores inventory management software with Tracking Solutions labeling technology has created an invaluable tool for any laboratory.

  • Sample and container tracking
  • Location audit logs, chain of custody
  • Stock supply and reagent management, re-order alerts
  • Storage capacity and location management
  • Freezer management
  • Barcode, RFID compatible

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