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The Real-time Grande Suite is a low cost multifunctional software package that fully enables robust real-time process monitoring and control applications. This cohesive software package supports the entire process monitoring method development lifecycle from proof of concept to deployment for routine monitoring or analysis. The practical functionalities within the software enable intuitive operation by process engineers, process chemists, analysts and operators on the manufacturing floor. The software integrates with various process instruments and can be operated in either a standalone mode or integrated with an external control system (e.g., SCADA, PLC).


Process Instruments: The software communicates with any open source process instrument available on the market. It currently integrates with Custom Sensors and Technology’s products including the Opti-Max, DP-100, and the LIF Sensor.
Quality Assurance: Real-time analysis applications, as with any effective analysis method, necessitate routine quality verification. The quality assurance module within the Grande Suite facilitates user defined performance verification protocols with a suitable commercial external standard(s). These protocols can be embedded with any of the analysis modes for point-of-use quality verification.
Calibration: Classic least squares (CLS) multiple linear regression (MLR), and PLS calibration options are available to afford real-time prediction of the target product or process attribute. External standardization is also an available.
Adaptable Computing Platform: The software platform is currently enabled for standard windows XP and windows 7 laptop and desktop environments. Alternative computing hardware such as embedded platforms or touch screen HMs are also available upon request. Additional add-on functionality can also be accommodated to meet unique customer requirements upon request.

Various analysis modes are available for laboratory, at-line, in-line or on-line and in situ analysis:

  • Real-time continuous monitoring (Reactors, dissolution, etc.)
  • At-line sample analysis (solids and liquids)
  • Real-time content uniformity and blend endpoint detection
  • At-line content uniformity of acquired blend samples
  • Post blend or mixing analysis endpoint analysis and optimization

 Real-time Conent Uniformity Monitoring & Endpoint Detection: Monitoring mixing operations of solid and liquid materials as well as segregation detection are key processes across various industrial sectors. The real-time blend monitoring mode within the Grande suite affords analysis of mixing processes to ensure uniform material uniformity. This mode also provides endpoint detection for process control such as tumble blending.

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