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Custom Hydraulic and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis Software


In addition to our Visual Hydraulics and Visual Water Designer modeling software packages, Innovative Hydraulics also provides custom hydraulic model development and advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling.  We have created specialty models for a variety of clients and have used our CFD modeling capabilities to analyze various unique flow configurations.

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Innovative Hydraulics is one of the industry leaders in creating customized hydraulic models for water and wastewater utilities.  In developing these customized models, Innovative Hydraulics integrates computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling with its Visual Hydraulics platform.  Clark County in Nevada, and Metro Vancouver in Canada are among a list of clients that have adopted Innovative Hydraulics customized models.

Innovative Hydraulics' engineers have extensive experience in using the majority of the CFD packages available on the market today.  Innovative Hydraulics approach is to analyze the hydraulic problem first and then select the most suitable package for the analysis. By using CFD modeling tools, Innovative Hydraulics' engineers have been able to analyze many complex situations and determine the most cost effective solutions.

  • Pump station and wet well design
  • Flow distribution in channels and splitter boxes
  • Optimal application of flow directional baffles and vanes
  • Aerated and forced vortex grit removal systems
  • Primary sedimentation tanks, intermediate and secondary clarifiers
  • Wet weather retention basins
  • Chlorine contact and Ultraviolet disinfection chambers

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