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Custom Sensors & Technology offers fully customizable PLC - Analyzer interface programs catering to each end user. Specific process controls, analyzer inputs and outputs, and sampling can all be controlled through a touch screen PLC. The Touch Screen PLC can control up to 4 (currently) analyzers. Each analyzer can be configured for either the same application or a different application or method. The PLC contains all the menus to set up each channel for any given application or method. Communication between the transmitter and PLC is modbus. Output from the PLC is 4-20mA, RS-422 or remote via a web based ISP.


The models featured on this page illustrate a liquid application that required self-cleaning and self-calibration (first screen overview). The second screen overview illustrates a gas phase application with temperature and pressure compensation.

Features of the Custom PLC - Analyzer Interface Include:
Main AFD (Analyzer Flow Diagram):This graphic shows the way process and calibration gases flow into a liquid or gas flow cell. This diagram graphically changes line colors when a line is shut (red) or open (green) to vent. For gas applications a pressure and temperature transducer is used to correct to the ideal gas law. For liquid applications a low solvent indicator is available.

Two Channel Real Time Data Display (scrolling graphic):Real time scrolling graphic of your process variable for either one or two channels. Either channel can be viewed in real time or scrolled back in time for a historical recall.

Two Channel Real Time Data Display (VU/Barchart graphic):Real time VU or Barchart graphics are displayed with the actual concentration under each graphic. Up to 4 channels of VU graphics are available in this view.

System diagnostics which provides local or remote access (via ISP) to diagnostic information. This feature insures that the units are operating under optimum conditions. Failure of light sources, detectors, power supplies or control voltages will be reported and identified immediately.

  • Alarm setpoints which allows the user to set temperature and process alarms as well as an Alarm history for review of system alarms.
  • Automatic sampling settings allows the user to schedule sample points within the system.
  • Calibration settings which controls calibration settings including timers for auto-calibrations.

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