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Customer Information and Billing Systems (CIS)


Junifer is a uniquely flexible and scalable customer information and billing system for utility providers. Able to handle the different requirements for domestic, industrial and commercial, small and medium business types and district heating within one platform, the solution can also enable easy switching between different meter types, including from prepay to credit and back again.

We have developed an ‘out of the box’ approach ensuring suppliers can implement Junifer quickly and easily, getting to customer go-live as soon as possible.

Flexibility and scalability are built into Junifer CIS. The system can handle customer volumes from 1 up to 10 million, so you don’t have to worry about your business outgrowing your systems.

Our developers and industry experts are constantly scanning the regulatory and technology landscape for changes and upgrades, and implement these as business as usual – meaning no lengthy change projects and a system that remains constantly up to date.

Junifer is structured with a core functionality that encapsulates a complete multi-currency, multi-lingual end-to-end customer information system, able to support the unique challenges of legacy utility systems. Wrapped around this is a series of pre-designed modules which can be selected according to requirement. Finally, a ‘utility pack’ is added, which includes the specific industry processes and data flows across electricity, gas, district heating or water.

In a new age of water competition, suppliers need systems that can react and manage the take-on and loss of customers, as well as managing the separate industry processes and data flows. Utility providers may also be considering the possibility of offering a ‘multi-utility’ service through one bill to the customer.

Junifer’s uniquely flexible and scalable modular system gives supplier the ability to use a standalone ‘water’ version of the customer information and billing system, add a water Utility Pack to their existing solution, or add an Energy Utility Pack to their existing Water system.

The Junifer Telecoms billing and customer care solution is based on over 20 years' experience of delivering Interconnect / Wholesale systems for Tier 1 and 2 telecoms providers.

Able to support telco operators ‘out of the box’ our unique software offers scalability and flexibility through its modular design, meaning you can easily pick and choose the modules you require to provider intercarrier services.

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