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Customized VOC Emission Management System (VEMS) Development Software


Because VER programs are inherently complex, often with hundreds of thousands of sources, inspection events, and maintenance activities. In order to help your sites manage these VER programs, Sage can program suite of VOC Emission Management System software modules, customized for your EPB and regulations. These VEMS modules assist your sites with VER program implementation, data tracking, emissions estimation, and data reporting. With all sites using the same VEMS software, your inspectors will be able to interpret the program data and correctly assess compliance. Our VEMS software has the added benefit of ensuring all sites are using the same methodologies to calculate emissions and report on VER program implementation, giving you increased confidence in the data you collect.

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Further increase the power of your customized VEMS solution with other Sage VER program oversight/ management tools for your EPB, such as Compliance Auditing Systems , Certification Programs , Compliance and Emissions Tracking Systems and Operator Training. Together, these systems create efficient, effective, world-class VOC management systems, from start to finish. With all of the data at your fingertips, you will be able to accurately demonstrate emission reductions in your jurisdiction, make informed, data-based decisions about your control strategy/policy, and show your EPB is effectively balancing the burden/impacts of VER programs to industry with the protection of public health. Wayne Gretzky Womens Jersey

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