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Data Collection Unit Software (DCU)


The Data Collection Unit (DCU) software product is designed to run and collect data on a continuous basis. It can be located close to the data measurement point such as a shelter cabinet or device control panel to directly interface analyzer(s). The DCU features a touch-screen friendly graphical interface that can be used to observe collected data, see the real-time data updates, and check device status and diagnostics information.

The DCU can connect to one or many devices simultaneously using Ethernet or Serial network, and can be used to interface various devices such as gas analyzers, temperature and pressure meters, dust and flow monitors.

The DCU can interface with any Modbus or OPC capable third party software component or hardware device such as analyzer, analog or digital I/O module, Data Logger or OPC Server software, and plant DCS system for data acquisition and value exchange. The DCU can be configured to be a Modbus Master or Slave, as well as an OPC Server or Client.

  • The application can run within an industrial panel PC, featuring a touch-screen capable friendly user interface.
  • DCU can communicate to the plant DCS and exchange data with process data historian applications.
  • It is possible to interface a wide range of analysers and measurement equipment using Modbus and OPC communication protocols.
  • DCU stores data simultaneously into two databases to ensure high data availability and automatic data synchronization and replication.
  • All collected data is stored permanently.

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