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You have invested in LEVEL and FLOW MONITORS; you have DATA. Now it’s time to work with Detectronic to ensure that you MAXIMISE THE BENEFITS. Smart Network Monitoring reduces flooding and prevents pollution. How Detectronic can help achieve your ODIs!


Detectronic MSFM Flow and Level Monitoring installations compare very favourably in the market place because they reliably deliver quality data, generating very high levels of confidence.


To get most out of your network monitoring programme, our Data Technicians will develop normalised data profiles for all monitored sites and develop (site by site) predictive criteria for early preventative intervention.

Detectronic systems are under continuous development. Profile analysis can be further used to develop simple algorithms which can provide an automated initial data filter, the results of which trigger a more rigorous secondary review similar to the processes in Detectronic’s current manual Data Screening programme. Inclusion of such automated filtering, allied to a statistically random check of sites will lead to greater efficiencies in the screening process and will build increasing levels of confidence in the data delivered and intervention reports generated.


Detectronic knows that monitoring success extends beyond the supply, installation and commissioning of equipment. The extensive support service it provides to its clients includes:

  • Ongoing site based maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Data screening
  • Data analysis and interpretation

We have all the resources you need to assure success!


A system flow chart outlining the Detectronic Data Screening process is shown below.
The Detectronic system provides a sophisticated filtering process and gives you everything you need to predict, intervene and prevent pollutions.


In addition, Data Screening by Detectronic generates routine maintenance work schedules which ensure consistently high levels of reliable data.


Flow and Level Monitors generate alarms for high (or low) levels, normally associated with spill levels or other operationally monitored parameters. Not all alarms require an action, particularly those caused by rainfall events where are monitored CSO performs within its designed criteria.

Increasingly, Detectronic is monitoring pass forward flows to treatment and identifying if a CSO is performing to its original design criteria and agreed consent.
Current alarm settings are generally associated with a failure condition and cannot in themselves facilitate any intervention that would prevent flooding and/ or pollution.
The Detectronic data screening process:

  • Stimulates early customer interventions which prevent incidents from occurring
  • Eliminates alarms which require no further action
  • Filters false alarms caused either by temporarily abnormal hydraulic conditions (or spurious data)
  • Schedules Detectronic site visits to provide for robust data and customer confidence
  • Maintains high quality for data delivered – and system confidence
  • Develops an understanding of each site’s performance and trends


Observations are recorded into the Data Centre database so that trends can be identified.

The Detectronic System notes typical flow conditions, so that variations in normal flow can be readily identified.
For example; sites prone to silt movement and those surcharged because of high river levels or through the operation (or failure) of associated pumping stations.
The Data Technicians screen groups of sites on a changing weekly rota so they become familiar with all sites, learning their ‘normal’patterns and trends. This prevents individual bias distorting their observations.
At the next stage, those observations which may result in a report and/ or action, are subject to further peer review to identify possible contributing factors.

These findings may lead to one of the following three outcomes:

Maintenance Intervention

Where screening has identified a possible instrumentation issue, a Detectronic Service Team will be despatched to visit the site and investigate/ remediate.

Strategic Intervention

Where screening has identified a trend-change in sewer hydraulics but the change is not significant to warrant an immediate visit, a cautionary visit will be scheduled with the client.

Immediate Intervention

Where screening has identified a pollution is imminent or current an immediate intervention will be communicated to the Client System.


Detectronic Flow and Level Monitors incorporate state of the art communications technology to ensure reliable data delivery worldwide. The Detectronic Data Centre will screen your data whatever your time-zone. Our systems are designed to keep sewerage engineers fully appraised of sewer network performance, presenting a clear picture of prevailing conditions. Detectronic Monitoring and Screening services provide Network Managers and Field Engineers with tools to make their lives easier and their networks more efficient.

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