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- Environmental Monitoring and Meteorological Studies


H2NS Environmental Inc. is pleased to present DataLink/AQM,-RT a truly new concept for environmental monitoring and meteorological studies. DataLink/AQM-RT incorporates the latest technologies while maintaining tradition for the tenured environmental professional. H2NS has added an exciting, new capability, to this proven package of Data Acquisition Software.

This package allows for automated and manual polling of an H2NS CPP-3794, plus a variety of other manufacturers data loggers, either by direct connect or telephone modem. In the Real Time mode, operators can view data in a variety of formats with updates as frequent as 10 seconds. Retrieved data is stored in a data base that can be edited and exported to popular spread sheets such as Access? or Excel?. Data analysis includes tabular summary reports with a max-min, interval average and total summary.

Presentations include trend charts, bar graphs tabular and graphical reports. Graphical reports include wind rose, pollution rose and 3D graphs.

DataLink/AQM-RT takes all the hassle out of configuring the software to match the specific data logger configuration. Using DataLink/AQM-RT you simply connect to a data logger and DataLink-RT commands the logger to download it’s configuration. The configuration is saved as unique to that location. DataLink also allows reset of the logger time to match the computer time or allows the logger to reset the computer time.

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