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Realizing today's ever evolving environmental regulations have placed increasingly more complex data acquisition and reporting requirements on the non-scientific user, H2NS is pleased to present DataLink. This software program is flexible and extremely easy to use. The Windows NT™ operating system is the system of choice for mission critical applications in industry. Realizing that not all applications require all the bells and whistles our software is capable of, we have modularized the package so the user can select the module best fitting his application and budget.

DataLink contains four separate modules. They are: Configuration Explorer which is essentially the system configuration such as channel assignments, alarms, etc., Scheduler, which is the summary report setup for manual or automatic generation of reports, Data Monitor, which is the display of real time data and alarms with the capability to print summary reports. Data Explorer, coupled with Data Monitor, provides a complete data acquisition, alarming and reporting package. Data Explorer can export data or save reports to file.

For CEM applications, DataLink is designed to give operators a real time picture of their process. The data acquisition device is polled and the displays are updated as fast as each 5 seconds. This real time compensation, averaging, calibration results and data validity determination informs the operator of an impending problem so that corrective action can be taken before they develop. The alarming and real time tracking allows for archiving and entry of reasons and actions codes. Data is displayed in either trend or tabular format.

The Windows NT™ operating system ensures true pre-emptive multi-tasking, Data are collected at all times regardless of data analysis or report generation activity. All data collected by DataLink is stored in an open database structure. this typically consists of quarterly Microsoft Foxpro 3.0 Database files. DataLink can also be interfaced with corporate database systems such as Oracle™ and Microsoft SQL-Server™. Data may also be exported to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

DataLink incorporates a variety of reports including: excess emissions, analyzer downtime or out of control periods. Required regulatory, pre-formatted reports, are only a mouse click away. The 'ad-hoc' query tool allows for complex queries of the database. This tool allows the user to select the criteria for any type of report, generate it, and output it to an external data base( Excel, Access, etc). Reports also may be output to a printer, Lotus spreadsheets, the resident database or simply as text files.

DataLink allows for the full range of data retrieval, data archiving, data editing, calibration reports, alarming, and real time data display. Pre-formatted regulatory reports are standard. The 'ad-hoc' report feature is standard. The New Jersey state regulatory reports are automatically produced. Other state reports are in process of development. Also coming soon is the automatic preparation of the new reports required under the 'NOX Budget Program'. These reports will be transferred to the applicable regulatory agency be electronic means.

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