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Our expert engineers specialize in finding optimal solutions across a broad range of industries impacted by local, state and federal monitoring and reporting requirements. Contec brings a powerful perspective built on experience, with decades of effective designs and implementations.

dataSOFT brings powerful control and reporting for CEM applications – preconfigured and guaranteed to meet EPA requirements. It’s remote monitoring with secure control.

Our exclusive dataSOFT product was developed to offer the most advanced set of tools through sleek, efficient design. From an easy to control platform with user friendly features, to signature clear reporting of data, Contec’s solutions quickly help reduce response time averages.

dataSOFT provides companies remote viewing and reporting capabilities from any networked computer. Utilizing Microsoft’s SQL Server database, dataSOFT brings the ability to integrate information seamlessly into third-party applications using Modbus and OPC interfaces.

Contec brings data control and management solutions for environmental reporting:

  • Analyzer Management
  • Data Acquisition and Handling Software (DAHS)
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
  • Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS)

  • View current parameter’s validity status
  • View parameter’s current raw value
  • View parameter’s last valid value
  • View parameter’s last system averages

  • Configurable parameter trend line selection
  • Additional trend windows added at any time
  • Trend any parameter contained within dashboard configuration
  • Adjustable X and Y Axis for each associated trend line
  • Adjustable Color Palette for foreground, background, trend line, and grid lines
  • Adjustable trend update frequency
  • View current system alarm
  • Acknowledge active alarms
  • Modify exceedance reason codes directly from alarm log

  • Provides status and control of CEMs
  • Initiate daily system validation
  • Perform individual analyzer validation
  • Select CEMs maintenance mode
  • Displays time remaining for validation cycle
  • Displays next system validation time
  • Manual control of individual gas bottle activation

The System Setup menu provides the client the ability to change site specific settings within the operator, manager, or administrator roles.

  • Change System Analyzers & Process Inputs Scaling Values
  • Manage Calibration Gas Bottle Inventory
  • Assign Specific Gas Bottle to Desired Calibration, CGA, Linearity Cycle
  • Manage Calibration Gas Bottle Concentration Values
  • Manage Analyzer Drift Specifications & Compliance Criteria
  • Control Desired Auto Calibration Time
  • Manage Emission Calculation Constants (Fuel F-factor, Heating Value, Stack Area, etc…)
  • Manage Permit Compliance Limits

dataSOFT’s real time dashboard comes completely configured from the factory. Our engineers consult with the client during the project execution to determine client’s requirements for Dashboard layout. Customizing existing windows as well as adding additional windows can be accomplished by client at any time.

dataSOFT Management allows for the management of users and associated passwords throughout all dataSOFT applications. In addition to managing users and passwords, dataSOFT Management further allows for defining access levels for each individual user to each associated service for each dataSOFT application.

With one of the most powerful reporting applications available for CEM applications, all reports that are generated by dataSOFT are preconfigured at our factory and are…”guaranteed to meet EPA 40 CFR Part 60, 75, 266 and 503 requirements.” Reports can be generated to the computer screen, the printer, pdf file, and MS Excel file. Specific reports can easily be added, removed, or customized by client from built-it configuration menus.

  • One minute reports
  • Hourly summary reports
  • Daily summary reports
  • Monthly summary reports
  • Daily Validation Results
  • CGA and Linearity results
  • Selectable report background color
  • Selectable report foreground color
  • Individual header, footer, report body font control
  • Selectable theme based report layout
  • Customizing default layout and applying to all reports
  • Inclusion of Client Company Logo in report header
  • EPA Summary, monitor downtime, and excess emission reporting

dataSOFT SOUL (Supervisory Operation User Control) contains 2 power packed features.

An electronic log book for the operators and CEMs technitians to record maintenance activities. Replaces the need for a separate log book that can get misplaced of damaged. Electronic records are stored in a secure database that can only be modified historically by a system manager.

A user log that tracks changes and activities within the system for each individual user. All activities are tracked and recorded that can affect quality assurance of data. All activities are time and date stamped; original values as well as new values for system tunable parameter changes are retained; computer name where changes originated from are recorded.

There are numerous amounts of data available real time as well as archived within each and every system. Stay connected with your data through one or all of the following available solutions:

OPC Communication

dataSOFT Service contains a powerful OPC Server that enables client’s DCS or Plant Historian to acquire data directly for Plant data archiving.

PLC to DCS Direct Communication

Numerous alternatives extist to exchange emission and process related data based upon existing Plant communication protocols (ex: Modbus, Allen Bradley Ethernet, Profibus, etc…).


Have the main server locked down in a secure IT server room and be able to view real time data on a local computer. Easy access for Control Room operators as well as CEMs Technicians to be able to remotely monitor and control the CEMs.


Have the main server locked down in a secure IT server room and be able to create system reports on a local computer. Easy access for Control Room operators, CEMs Technicians, Environmental Managers, and Environmental Consultants to be able to remotely create compliance reports to ensure permit emission limits and data availability requirements are maintained.

dataSOFT eNotify

dataSOFT companion application that automatically emails real time systems alarms as well as historical reports. Complete customization of which user should be notified of active system alarms and reports. Configurable frequency of notification based in minutes.

dataSOFT can communicate directly to nationally manufactured PLCs including the following. Our Project Engineers are experts is PLC programming and can accommodate unique client requirements for special PLC programming.

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix Series
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 Series
  • Allen Bradley PLC-5 Series
  • Allen Bradley SLC-500 Series
  • Siemens S7-300 & S7-400 Series
  • GE PACSystems RX3i
  • GE Fanuc 90/30 and 90/70
  • Direct Analyzer Modbus communication

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