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DataViewer is a software program designed to be an inexpensive way to receive the multilingual SDSs produced by the central computer of the InfoDyne System (WLabel & WSData) to archive and redistribute them. DataViewer also feeds information to the SDS Receipt and Management Terminal software on your clients’ premises: OPENFDS.

With DataViewer, you can:

  • Locally add additional information (as an option, upon request),
  • Modify the first paragraph of the SDS (e.g. trade name, product reference number, other company name),
  • Receive SDSs in various European languages (Multilingual),
  • Save these new files by associating them with the clients who receive them,
  • Manage SDS/Client relationships (e.g. dates, selections, lists),
  • Directly transfer these files onto disk, transmit them via modem or fax, or simply print them on any printer running on a Windows platform.

With DataViewer, it is not possible to:

  • Erase the phrases written by the central computer (to fulfil the company’s responsibilities)

DataViewer is indispensable for all companies who need to send SDSs to remote computers from the central computer (e.g. branches, resellers or sales departments).

The InfoDyne Process centralizes:

  • Expertise on regulatory issues pertaining to products sold on the market,
  • The company’s confidential decisions and data. 

DataViewer decentralizes:

  • The printing and distribution of SDSs with adequate local management of client/SDS relationships.

DataViewer makes it easy to:

  • Quickly and securely send SDSs that have been specially selected for the recipient,
  • Automatically report differences on each site between previous and newly updated SDSs,
  • Keep a systematic log of all SDSs sent and updated,
  • Maintain the integrity and consistency of data on all of the company’s sites.

This new SDS transmission process meets the need for user-friendly, secure communication that is necessary for the entire chemical industry.

With its original, high-performance data compression system, InfoDyne can transfer 2,000 SDSs in the space equivalent to one floppy disk. They can also be transmitted quickly via modem.

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