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Decimus is a software acoustic signal processing platform to collect secure, accurate data in real time in an environmentally friendly way saving time and site visit travel Regulations may state that it is imperative that the impact of pre and post construction works is accurately measured and assessed. Mitigating disaster is key and damage to the environment needs to be avoided at all costs, this is where Decimus delivers.

Decimus® configured in baseline mode, is used to set the basic threshold for ambient noise detection. Once set, Decimus® can be reconfigured for custom mammal detection using the next mode of operation, mitigation. Unique onboard data compression techniques are used to handle large volumes of data that can be scaled to transmit across short and long distances. The majority of Decimus® baselines’ communications are IP based to allow for flexible communication architecture. Autonomous remote update capabilities and data transmission saves users time and money by minimising service and data download visits. The system is monitored, configured and updated remotely via 3/4G cellular communications or other Wireless technologies minimising maintenance costs. Data can also be stored on board the unit. This provides potential for: holding additional information, long term recording for data audit as well as a buffer for any communications loss. Device status and detection information is updated more frequently and is immediately available for viewing in the secure, client-area website. This can be done via PC or smartphone from anywhere in the world. (With suitable WEB access).

  • Sets the threshold for detection
  • Flexible communication architecture
  • Software controllable sampling
  • Accurate real-time processed data collection and reporting from a single software package
  • End to end user control minimises risk of data loss
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and updates minimizes maintenance
  • Robust, environmentally friendly housing
  • Low power operation
  • Customised detection capabilities – Noise and Marine Mammals
  • Protective cases can be provided

  • Marine Renewables, Oil & Gas, Decommissioning,
  • Marine Civil Engineering, Infrastructure,
  • Government & Scientific communities, Defence

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