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Dehy Manager is a web-based solution for the management of glycol dehydrator operating and analytical data. It provides a streamlined process for the preparation of DEOS and the annual benzene inventory, which must be submitted to the various regulatory agencies on an annual basis.Dehy Manager provides a significant step-change improvement in how companies manage and maintain the data for their glycol dehydrators, as well as alleviate some of the workflow challenges associated with generating annual updates to the DEOS.

  • Directive 39 requirements all managed through one application
  • Built-in emission limits calculation and exceedance warnings
  • Maintenance of historical operating parameters and analytical data records
  • Flexibility to allow entry of benzene calculations from multiple simulation tools (GRI GLYCalc v.4, Rich/Lean Glycol samples, HYSYS, PROMAX, Total Capture)
  • Upload templates provided for automatic upload of analytical data from multiple laboratories.
  • Provides the ability to easily generate multiple simulations based on varying operating parameters to aid with optimization
  • Pre-formatted DEOS and Annual Benzene Inventory Spreadsheet easily generated through reporting function

  • BC / OGC:
    07-03 Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators
  • AB / AER: Directive 039 Revised Program to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators
  • SK / MoE: Guideline to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators

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