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DeosVision - Diagnostic coverage to damage prevention



DeosVision, the diagnostic coverage service that identifies, through the analysis of a representative sample of oil and the subsequent diagnosis, the smallest anomalies of the oil and the transformers prior to their evolution into catastrophic failures. Highly qualified personnel, using advanced instrumentation and methods, perform the analyses in our laboratory.

The diagnoses are the result of the most recent technical and standardization state of the art, together with the use of software specifically developed based upon our diagnostic Data Base, the most complete at international level.

The DeosVision offer includes a large range of diagnostic solutions satisfying the various technical and budget requirements of our Customers. DeosVision includes the inventory of PCBs PCTs and PCBTs in accordance with standards IEC 61619 and EN 12766 part 3 as required by European Directive 59/96. Also, Sea Marconi has recently developed a new diagnostic package capable of determining precisely the possible presence of sulphur corrosive compounds (Corrosive Sulphur) in the oil; very dangerous contaminants, that could originate conditions where the insulation between the windings or the ground is lost, with subsequent power electric arching, with the risk of explosions and fires for the transformers.

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