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Gartner defines Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as “cultivating a discipline for guiding products and product portfolios, from ideas, through retirement and across generations of products, to continuously create the most value for businesses, their partners and their customers.”

Not only does DevEX provide a cohesive solution, but a cyclical one.

Many formula-based based manufacturers seek out PLM solutions that will guide them to a successful new product development and introduction (NPDI). The problem arises when they find that the solution doesn’t necessarily work as they work.

Many PLM solution providers look at the NPDI in a straight line, a succession of events that should occur in a logical sequence.

Selerant takes a different approach with its PLM solution- DevEX, based on over 20 years of experience and partnering with leaders in formula-based manufacturing. While including each of the previous stages, the succession or relay of events does not occur in the same order.

Instead of isolating each stage, Selerant seamlessly integrates each of DevEX’s modules and in turn, unites the processes and data within each stage. The critical data within each stage elevates in both visibility and timeliness. Here are just a few examples:

Marketing can see regulatory claims to determine product requirements
R&D can run compliance analysis during development to see if there will be any compliance issues and make adjustments to formulas immediately
Regulatory Compliance can alert marketing to new laws for labeling as packaging concepts are being created
Commercialization teams can begin creating final product specifications from data in the R&D departments

In addition to raising visibility and efficacy, the parallel process lifecycle also significantly reduces the timeframe and budget of the traditional lifecycle by 40%.

  • 30% reduction in time-to-market
  • Up to 70% increased productivity
  • 20-30% improvement in resource utilization*

Gartner Table 1: Survey Identifies Business Drivers to Adopt PLM Software*

Selerant created DevEX PLM to expedite products to market while complying with regulatory issues and quality control standards.

  • One single version of the truth across the product development lifecycle
  • Increased visibility across all departments, divisions, and vendors for reduced errors, early identification of potential problems, and increase in quality assurance
  • Increased collaboration with advanced search and traceability tools
  • Expedited product development lifecycle stages to establish brand loyalty
  • Visibility to initial product requirements and compliance throughout all lifecycle stages
  • Leverage existing product knowledge for reduced costs, greater compliance, and faster introduction to market
  • Optimize formulas for defined goals, such as: reduced costs, ingredient substitution or allergen exclusions
  • Streamline processes and ensure quality standards

A leading Consumer Beverage company used spreadsheets to track their formulations and recipes. Each team member kept their own formulations using their own standards for measurements. Not only could they not collaborate successfully together, but they could not answer a critical question from their legal department because the project manager and laptop were both unreachable.

Now they can easily search any formulation from any location with a secured login. They can not only see the ingredients in the formula, but establish measurement standards and analyze formulations at the linear level.

Team Collaboration and Project Management

The overall success and profitability of a product begins with product concepts, requirements, and planning. Collaboration, visibility, and traceability throughout these stages are critical to ensuring the same “voice” throughout all lifecycle stages. In addition, the processes themselves need to be streamlined and standardized to increase profitability as well as quality standards.

Gartner Defines Key Activities for Ideation/Planning as:

  • Analyze markets
  • Survey customers
  • Generate product ideas
  • Prioritize and approve ideas
  • Define programs
  • Create marketing briefs

Source: Gartner, “PLM Drivers and Software Needs in Formulated Packaged Goods Industries” by Marc Halpern, Janet Suleski, Michael Burkett, and Michael Shanker, December 2012

DevEX Innovation Process Management (IPM)

DevEX IPM module contains collaboration tools that elevate project visibility and standardize processes across the corporation and its suppliers.

DevEX IPM Benefits

  • Create product briefs with defined approval process
  • Define product requirements with formulation, compliance, labeling, bill of materials details
  • See easy-to-read graphics for project status and reporting
  • Standardize processes with configurable workflow templates
  • Communicate effectively between departments and suppliers
  • Define tasks as phases with defined gates for task review, notes, and approvals
  • Instant visibility to latest updates
  • Find what you need, when you need it

Formulation and Recipe Management

Gartner defines a key criteria in Product Development as:

“The PLM infrastructure combined with specialty capabilities should enable the superior ability to explore new product formulations, expand the reuse of existing intellectual property and increase the efficiency of complying with market regulations addressing traceability, safety and environmental concerns.”

Source: Gartner, “PLM Drivers and Software Needs in Formulated Packaged Goods Industries” by Marc Halpern, Janet Suleski, Michael Burkett, and Michael Shanker, December 2012

DevEX Product Development

DevEX Product Development module allows you to leverage your current formula database to quickly create, validate, and produce products. These tools include, but are not limited to: compliance analysis, rapid prototyping, formula optimization, formula comparison, nutritional claims analysis, allergen management, and formula hierarchy organization.

DevEX Product Development Benefits

  • Reduce time-to-market and costs
  • Leverage current formula database
  • Rapidly prototype formulations with What If scenarios
  • Optimize formulas for costs, ingredients, and claims
  • Comply with regulatory laws for defined allergen exclusions, nutritional claims, and certifications (ex: gluten free, Kosher, Halal, organic, etc.)
  • Instantly view regulatory analysis as each ingredient is added
  • Automatically receive regulatory compliance alerts for defined regions throughout development
  • Compare and contrast formulations
  • Compare current formulas with initial product requirements
  • Standardize organization with automatic version controls for each trial, experiment, and recipe
  • View instant analysis of formulation attributes (costs, nutrition, allergens, certifications)
  • Raise visibility with automatic event-driven notifications when changes are made to a defined formulation

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