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PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine detailed introduction Our waste circuit board(PCB) recycling machine can separate conductor and non conductor,metal and nonmetal and it mainly used for waste printed circuit boards, kinds of aluminum-plastic composite panels, food packaging bags,toothpaste tubes, plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing. PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine feature 1.To avoid dust pollution in the process, the equipment also uses the three-in-one dust removal equipment independently developed by the compan; 2.This dust removal equipment has three-stage dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and dust removal by air cleaner; 3.All of these effectively solve the problem of dust pollution with every index up to the national standard. 4.Saving motive power and human power 5.Without Wastes. PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine application

Aluminum recycling machine

1.Aluminum recycling machine brief introduction
Aluminum recycling machine  is a kind of environmental-friendly waste management machine,used to recycle waste aluminum-plastic composite materials.Aluminum recycling machine uses advanced physical recycling technology.
2.Aluminum recycling machine feature

1. No need for any fuel in the whole process
2. To reduce the dirt, smog pollution problem with dirt and smoke ventilation equipment.
3. Automatic mechanical operation, no harmful to the operator’s health.
4. High efficiency for recycling rate (90% of aluminum from the ashes), short working time (10-  12 minutes can process 100kgs-500kgs aluminum and ashes)

3.Aluminum  recycling machine appplication
Aluminum recycling machine uses advanced physical recycling technology. Its products line, like aluminum-plasticseparator, crusher and high pressure electrostatic separator, is of high innovation and advanced and reasonable technological line.

PCB/circuit board recycling machine is developed in combination with advanced domestic and foreign technology. The scrap PCB recycling machine is a kind of recycling machine and can separated metal  and plastic.  

PCB/circuit board recycling machine features:

1. Little noise 

2. No need for water
3. Without dust pollution
4. High metal recovery rate
5. Saving motive power and human power
6. Without Wastes.
7. More then 99% metal recycling

PCB/circuit board recycling machine application
Scrap PCB/circuit board  recycling machine can application  to various printed circuit boards .TV boards ,printed boards,computer boards,cellphone board,aluminum-plastic boards ,copper-coasted plates,printed circuit board and processing waste and waste adn used electic appliance.

1.Scrap copper wire recycling machine  brief introduction
 Scrap copper wire recycling machine  is a kind of environmeng friendly  recycling machine  used to recyle waste electric wire, copper wire, aluminium wire, metallic composite wires and sheathed lines. Scrap copper wire recycling machine can extraction copper through separate copper wire.
2.Scrap copper wire recycling machine feature
High recycling rate compared with dry process
Easy to operating, no special skill  required
Circulation water
 No second polution produced
 3.Scrap copper wire recycling machine working process

When directly put waste copper wire into the scrap copper wire recycling machine, used copper wire is cut into granules first, during this process, copper and plastic is separated but mixed together, then the granules are sent to vibration device for separation, through wind blow and vibration, the copper and plasticis are separated, then pure copper comes out fromone side and pure plastic comes out from the other side, we collect the separated pure copper and plastic.

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