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Studies is an innovative screening data management solution, with a completely web-based interface and unrivalled flexibility which allows the creation, capture, analysis and storage of chemical, biological and ad-hoc research data.


Studies lets you design your experiments for plate or non-plate based assays and process your raw instrument data through biological analysis types including %inh, IC/EC50, KI, user-defined analyses, and many more. Once the data is analysed and uploaded to the database everything is query and reportable including plots.

  • Accessible – Web based therefore offering convenient access from any location.
  • Ease of use – Incorporates a simple user interface for users and admins.
  • Integrated – With Browser and Vortex with data instantly being made available in our solutions or third party tools.
  • Automated – Works with Gateway to provide live reporting to users and links to Register to allow automated screening workflows.
  • Time saving – users can manage requests for work.
  • Versatile – Designed for all types of study management;
    • Screening – plate and non-plate based assays
    • %inh, IC/EC50, KI, user-defined analysis.
    • Capture and efficiently store images from image analysis.
    • Ad-hoc studies, therefore simple enough to use for storing unique studies without the need to generate protocols.
    • Chemistry studies to capture chemical structure and experimental information.
    • In vivo, therefore define document templates to be completed for each study.

  • Ability to capture all data related to an experiment, whether structured or unstructured.
  • All data is captured in a highly scalable and extensible data model.
  • By default data is stored in an Oracle database.
  • Can capture all associated data with a study, for example in documents, reports or as raw data.
  • Validation where the option to choose pass and fail criteria at all stages is available and allows counter validation before publishing.
  • Curves, fits and underlying parameters are automatically stored in the database.

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