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The Down to Earth Asset Management system (DTE) is a carefully designed, technically advanced back office Client / Contractor management interfaces for repetitive service management including street and building cleansing, refuse collection and trade waste, grounds maintenance, arboriculture maintenance and children’s play ground management all of which incorporate Embedded Mapping GIS technology to visually depict asset data. All DTE modules derive their data from a single SQL Server database source allowing sharing of information across all relevant sections of the organisation service managers, service providers and service end users.

The five core applications consist of:

DTE Grounds
A multi contract management system allowing you to manage all aspects of the day to day Grounds Maintenance and Cemetery Burial services.

Create work schedules, allocate work to teams and operatives, raise add-hock work instructions, carry out asset inspections and control all financial elements for each contract.

DTE Trees
Manage all aspects of arboriculture services. Create an inventory of all tree stock, conduct scheduled and add-hock inspections, Raise and track work orders through to completion. Provide statistical management reports.

DTE Play
Manage all aspects of children’s play areas. Compile an inventory of all playground assets, conduct scheduled and add-hock inspections. Raise and track work orders through to completion. Provide statistical management reports.

DTE Cleanse
A multi contract management system allowing you to manage your Street Cleansing, Refuse Services, Commercial Trade Waste and Building Cleaning contracts.

Setup individual client contracts, create work schedules and allocate work to teams, monitor, inspect work in progress and control all financial elements for each contract.

DTE Enquiries
Log, allocate, track and report all enquiries relating to the service areas covered by the Down To Earth Asset Management system.

Some common benefits and features of each DTE application consist of:

All information regarding your assets, services, work instructions, orders, end service customer enquiries, historic records held in one, highly efficient, comprehensive and practical database.

Deployable across your organisation, allowing you to give access to anyone who needs it – including managers, IT services, administrators, inspectors, technicians – ensuring all users have the same information and instructions available to them, all held in one, secure source.

Complete financial control of budgeting, tasks, orders, repairs and expenditure, alongside the ability to raise, track and complete work instructions in system.

Generate, document and follow up asset or area inspections.

Embedded Reporting, allowing the easy generation of standard system reports, including performance indicators, quotes, work orders and customer enquiries – along with the ability to create unlimited custom reports.

Full audit logging and customisable user permissions levels, giving you total hierarchical control over who accesses the system, when and how.

Like all MCPC Systems’ software, the DTE suite has been developed and enhanced continuously since its release in collaboration with all of our users to ensure we meet their needs and expectations exactly, and in compliance with all current legislative requirements and changes.

Alongside their core features, all DTE applications have a range of additional modules designed to enhance their efficiency and performance.

  • DTE Corporate Finance Link - DTE can be tailored to export financial information for integration purposes with your corporate finance system, exactly in the format and structure you want it, with just the click of a button.
  • DTE GIS Link - Integrate DTE with your corporate GIS mapping system to capture, link and query asset detail and site / asset inventory information, allowing for accurate mapping, site and asset information.
  • DTE Remote - The DTE Remote Interface has been developed to allow all DTE users to make use of their favoured DTE Solution with all its functionality in the field, to neatly and accurately record /capture all relevant data wherever they are.
  • DTE AIM (Asset Inspection Module) - Specifically designed modules have been created for each individual DTE software solution and used in conjunction with a PDA hand held device; a user can with the appropriate module complete Inspections electronically in the field for synchronisation upon their return to office or remotely from the field with the correct mobile internet/WiFi connection.
  • DTE Operations Interface - This provides a user with a flow of information between a Client user and single or multiple contractors, eliminating errors and reducing communication delays with accurate instructions and responses the order of the day.
  • DTE Cemeteries Module - Available only to DTE Grounds users, you can with this module manage your detailed cemetery/grave plot information accurately and efficiently.

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