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- Hydrogeochemical Visualization Tools

DUMPStat Explorer is a suite of hydrogeochemical data evaluation tools which can be used on its own or with existing DUMPStat or CARStat databases to explore aqueous chemistry data, investigate chemical signatures and further interpret your statistical results.

  • Save time with live editing
  • Interpret your site's chemical data with industry-standard views
  • Stiff patterns, Trilinear diagrams, time series, scatter plots and more

Explorer can be used on its own or with existing DUMPStat and CARStat databases to provide evaluation tools for exploring aqueous chemistry data, investigating chemical signatures, and further interpreting statistical results. Explorer creates Stiff patterns, Trilinear diagrams, time series, scatter plots, and more; all with customizable configurations, and unparalleled live interactivity allowing you to see your changes instantly. Data descriptions are saved with output, which can be easily refreshed with your most current data.

Create Trilinear diagrams quickly and easily with Explorer. Edit the symbols and colors on the fly, and apply unique ionic profiles to individual wells for leachate comparisons. Custom text boxes allow you to add your own notes.

Now you see them, now you don't.
Multi-line time series let you choose whether to display individual or group regression lines, or both. Axes can be auto-scaled to include all data or clipped with the offscale points listed beneath.

  • Full database functionality — import, store, and edit your data for an unlimited number of sites.
  • New printing options — customize your output with regression information.
  • Clean-up of incomplete data — delete all incomplete Stiff patterns and Trilinear points with a single click.
  • Major item change immediately reflected in the Time Series graph — change the major well or constituent without recreating the graph.
  • Optional floating network license — allow everyone connected to your network to use the program without diskette license transfers.

Experience unparalleled interactivity and customizability!

  • Make changes to analyses and see the results instantly.
  • Define analyses 'on-the-fly' by adding or changing wells and dates, for direct, unencumbered investigation.
  • Change the order of items on a graph by dragging them where you want them.
  • Choose which ions to use and how they will appear on graphical output. Your custom ion formatting can be saved and reloaded later, or you can use the default Explorer ion configuration.
  • Add your own descriptive text right on the graphs, and print in the font of your choice.
  • Customize the graphical output with your choice of symbols, colors, titles, and layout — to present your data exactly as you wish.
  • Print data summary tables for your graphs.
  • Easily create associations between standard ion names and those already contained in your database.
  • Define an unlimited number of custom ions! Use either default or custom-specified equivalent weights and symbols.
  • Save output and workbooks for later viewing and printing.
  • Work on any site — with no licensing restrictions.