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DynamX is the result of Dynae’s expertise and know-how in the following fields: Vibration monitoring and troubleshooting on rotating machines, Qualification tests, Structure analysis. The close contact and proximity of our software development team with our experts, partners and customers make DynamX a unique product which meets industrial requirements.

Machine Vibration Data Base
DynamX relies on a high-performance, comprehensive and customisable data base: the management of sizeable volumes is robust, entering the information via forms is simple and the parameterization of the equipment is comprehensive and detailed.

DynamX proposes a wide choice of measuring systems:

  • The use of Oros real-time analyzers is optimised through the interactive or automated acquisition modules. All the analyzers in the Oros Series 3, from 2 to 32 channels, are interfaced for live, real-time measurements, as well as for post-processing purposes.
  • The National InstrumentsTM DSA type acquisition boards makes it possible to record time signals for deferred processing. Various acquisition modes are proposed.
  • Measuring is facilitated by the use of the CTMO Mesure which, due to its compact design, its considerable autonomy and its 4 measuring channels, will allow you to optimise the data collection time in the field.

Editing results, diagnoses and recommendations are entirely assisted. Producing a complete document is automated.

  • Fully customisable
    Designed to be configured easily and to be adapted to your working practices, from automated or free acquisition to the formatting of your measurements.
  • Built for users
    DynamX incorporates Dynae's skills and know-how in the fields of vibration diagnostics of rotating machinery, maintenance, qualification tests and structural analyses.
  • Developed by professionals
    The system benefits from our IT department's broad experience in these fields of application.
  • Measurement-oriented
    DynamX offers a simple and efficient means of benefiting from all the functionality of multi-channel analysers that are needed to conduct vibration analyses. A wide selection of data acquisition tools is available, from the direct control of OROS analysers to the digital post-processing of temporal signals, file imports and the entry of templates.
  • Specific diagnostics aid modules
    Automatic calculation of specific indicators, production of summary or multianalysis tables, digital post-processing of recorded time signals, pre-defined graphs, etc.

  • Broadbased experience, a powerful tool for the organisation and management of data
    The DynamX software is designed to programme tests, acquire, process and archive signals and draw up reports. The database is organised for simple data classification and access. DynamX helps to permanently enrich and protect your data and analyses. It can be used with the CTMO to quickly collect temporal signals for post-processing purposes.

  • Post-processing
    The sequences and acquisitions can be used directly without an analyser for the post-processing of temporal signals. DynamX also features functions associated with synchronous analysis time processing, orbits and changes in parameters.
  • Signal acquisition
    DynamX offers various modes of data acquisition. The sequence management mode guides the user through the definition and execution of the measurement programme. When combined with the multi-channel OROS analysers in the OR2x or OR3x ranges (2 to 16 channels), data is effectively acquired in real time.

  • Using the results: from the analysis to the report
    DynamX can be used to analyse and use signals both quickly and flexibly:
    • Calculation of indicators specific to each type of signal: global levels, narrow bands, kurtosis, peak factor, etc.
    • Automatic creation of graphs: emergences, natural frequencies, kinetic frequencies.
    • Automatic production of tables of results.
    • DynamX standardises your data in a single format, irrespective of its source, and produces a Word format summary report presenting the results.

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