SIGMA³ (Sigma Cubed Inc.)

SIGMA³ (Sigma Cubed Inc.)

Earth Imaging & Velocity Modeling Software


Details make the difference, and understanding your reservoir begins with accurate 3D imaging to define essential structure and stratigraphic information in the subsurface. SIGMA³ is a leading provider of Depth Imaging software and services to the oil and gas industry. With our advanced imaging technology, we help oil and gas companies visualize accurately 3D earth structures and reduce drilling risks associated with oil and gas exploration. Oil companies lower the cost of production, provide faster delivery of oil and gas to the marketplace, and tap oil and gas from ever more challenging plays.

GeoPRO Geophysical Platform
GeoPRO is an integrated XML-based software platform that runs on the LINUX operating system. The platform provides a software environment that includes the VizPRO visualization package, VelPRO a unique velocity analysis and model building toolkit, as well as Kirchhoff time and depth migration and Wave Equation migration.

GeoPRO has a full parallel processing capability to allow the user to implement migrations on LINUX clusters with custom node assignment on each specific job. The platform also provides a developer environment that allows for efficient implementation of the user's own software with full linkage to the visualization environment.

VelPRO Velocity Analysis Solution
VelPRO is an interactive velocity, tomography and model building toolkit that provides real-time velocity analysis in time and depth domain. The time-domain analysis includes traditional semblance picking for velocity and eta, and constant velocity stack (CVS) analysis. The toolkit enables real-time creation of velocity models that are immediately available to the user through the GeoPRO database.

VelPRO incorporates well velocity and geologic horizons, as well as other critical information that enables the transition from velocity picking to velocity interpretation.

TomoPRO Tomographic Velocity Solution
TomoPRO provides integrated tomographic velocity analysis and residual depth-domain velocity picking. The toolkit is fully integrated with the VelPRO velocity platform and the ImagePRO time and depth imaging platform. TomoPRO provides complete workflows using state-of-the-art ray path and wave path tomographic methods.

VizPRO Visualization Solution
VizPRO is an advanced visualization tool for interactive interpretation, analysis and model building, and integrates with all data generated in the GeoPRO environment. VizPRO leverages the power of 3D visualization to provide interactive solutions to the most complex problems encountered in the oilfield, from seismic imaging to reservoir engineering.

VizPRO is designed to enable interactive rendering, analysis and complex mathematics on multiple seismic volumes, simultaneously. VizPRO allows the user to perform complex manipulation of large 3D data volumes, including merging, editing and smoothing. The toolkit includes advanced pore pressure analysis tools, including interactive centroid analysis.

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