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Designers want to design with the environment in mind and want simple tools to help them choose materials and designs in their daily work. For this purpose we developed the ECO-it screening tool.

Designers often work under time pressure, and cannot be expected to be environmental experts. With ECO-it you can include sustainability in your work without detailed environmental knowledge.

ECO-it allows you to model a complex product and most of its life cycle in a few minutes. ECO-it calculates the environmental load, and shows which parts of the product's life cycle contribute most. With this information you can target your creativity to improve the environmental performance of your product.

ECO-it comes with over 500 ReCiPe environmental impact (ReCiPe) and carbon footprint (CO2) scores for commonly used materials such as metals, plastics, paper, board and glass as well as production, transport, energy and waste treatment processes.

These scores are like predefined building blocks to model the life cycle of your products. You can edit the database or create your own databases with different scoring methods with ECO-edit.

If you want to add Eco-indicator scores for company specific data or have developed your own scoring system, ECO-edit allows you to edit or create databases for ECO-it.

In SimaPro you can calculate single scores but you will need ECO-edit to add them to the ECO-it databases. In this way you can expand the database that comes with ECO-it, or create new databases.

ECO-edit is available for 299 Euro plus VAT when applicable. ECO-edit can only be ordered online via our webshop.

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