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Save Energy and save money with the eco-wand system - There is a range of temperatures in which people feel comfortable. This range depends on the humidity, what is being worn and the airflow across the body. The range is shown as the green bar in the temperature gauge. The clothing and airflow are set using the drop down selection controls.

When heating, the resultant ideal thermostat setting is the yellow line shown below the comfort range. This is the lowest temperature for comfort, ie the comfortable temperature that uses least energy. When the Power control is set to Cooling, the thermostat setting will be at the top of the comfort range.

Below the controls is the advice area. This makes suggestions on how to save energy without losing comfort. You can also save energy by using the History Chart to examine how your system behaves in time. You can see if your timers are set well and if your room is well insulated. The data can be logged to local or remote storage. Other features that can be seen on the Comfort Meter are the High and Low Alarms and the Maximum/Minimum markers.

The eco-wand ComfoMeter can show your Thermal Comfort Zone and where you are relative to it. Since comfort depends on what you are wearing and airflow across your body, you can see how the zone changes when you change these factors.

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