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Effortless evaluation and management of environmental impacts for food products. EcodEX is an eco-design software that allows food companies to improve the sustainability of their new products or existing portfolio, in a cost-effective and simple way. EcodEX allows product developers to easily make a sustainability assessment of a product, based on the evaluation of carbon footprint, water use, energy use, land use and other criteria. It allows one to make early decisions and to compare alternate ingredients, packaging, manufacturing and sourcing scenarios.

  • Evaluate the packaging recipe and ingredient components of a product with a scientific and evidence-based approach that is ISO-14040 certified
  • Analyze all stages in the lifecycle of a product, from the agricultural raw-materials to the disposal of the product
  • Analyze your entire portfolio of products with ease
  • Compare alternate scenarios through What If analysis
  • Make results understandable and easily accessible to all stakeholders (R&D scientists, LCA experts, managers, packaging engineers, procurement, etc.)

  • Collect internal, supplier and industry-standard lifecycle inventory data
  • Integrate lifecycle inventory data with ERP materials mater and experimental product data
  • Evaluate product impacts in conformance with a variety of methodologies and standards
  • Introduce environmental indicators from the early stage of product design, using a multi-criteria approach

  • Centralize and share your impacts analysis and data internally
  • Define indicators, dashboards and actions
  • Bring consistency to the format, appearance and use of your impacts
  • Re-use your knowledge to generate new indicators rapidly and at a reduced cost
  • Align your new product development projects to corporate strategies
  • Accelerate time-to-market with informed decisions around product sustainability criteria


Seamless Integration with the New Product Development (NPD) Process

Many food manufacturers seek to improve the sustainability of their products and business. Prior research has indicated that the integration of lifecycle impact analysis into the new product development cycle can provide substantial benefits towards achieving this goal.

  • Simple, quick, cost-effective analysis of the environment impact of an experimental product prior to launch
  • Evaluation of different packaging design ideas or ingredients
  • Screen and make suppliers responsible for the environmental impact of their raw materials


Strategic Design Support

Food companies operate in an environment of daunting technical, regulatory and commercial uncertainties.

Throughout the business lifecycle, companies now face critical decisions related to sustainability of their products and business.

EcodEX enables executives to make the crucial decisions that maximize return on investment and minimize risk.

EcodEX propels food companies forward to their next phase of growth by supporting the following type of decisions:

  • Choose between R&D projects
  • Optimize the product portfolio toward a more sustainability and eco-friendly mix
  • Value and calculate expected returns from highly uncertain projects and capital investments to reduce negative environment impact
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives
  • Optimally allocate resources within a portfolio of investment opportunities to maximize value


Picking and choosing a software solution to manage the sustainability of your products is only half of the battle. Implementation can seem equally challenging.

Selerant meets the varied business and information technology needs of manufacturers with a complete range of implementation options-- from a simple departmental website to fully customized web services and application integrations.

Many manufacturers want a more integrated solution, but will begin with a simple option for a faster return on investment (ROI) within a few weeks.

Multiple Indicators

EcodEX follows multi criteria approach to evaluate the impact of your products:

  • Global Warming Potential
  • Energy Use
  • Land Use
  • Water Consumption
  • Solid Waste
  • Eutrophication*
  • Package to Weight Ratio*

*Added environmental indicators


Simulation/What-If Analysis

EcodEX allows one to compare various options and perform simulations to determine the optimal improvement to a product.

This brings the benefit of being able to simulate changes to products, for example:

  • Simulate changes in the packaging of a product
  • Simulate changes in the ingredients of a recipe
  • Simulate changes in the manufacturing process
  • Simulate supplier or other sourcing changes, like geography or agricultural practices



EcodEX includes the industry-standard, ISO 14040-certified EcoSpold database from Eco-Invent.

The database contains more than 4,000 processes and raw materials. Additional databases are also available from third parties, integrated into our tool.

You can also import data from other LCA software systems (SimaPro, Gabi, OpenLCA, etc.) using the EcoSpold supported format.


Evaluate Thousands of Products in a Single Step

Batch analysis reports allow you to quickly evaluate the environmental impact of an entire portfolio of products.

Ability to Evaluate Thousands of Products Quickly in a Single Step

You can easily evaluate the environmental impact of an entire portfolio of products.

User-Friendly Design

EcodEX has been designed to be easy-to-use for non-LCA experts. The integrated wizards guide you through each step, allowing you to save the evaluation scenario analysis. With little training, a user can begin creating scenarios for product analysis within minutes, compared to weeks required for traditional LCA analysis. User-friendly interfaces speed time to production and allow LCA experts to quickly access the information.

Automated Features

Processes can easily be rerun for future updates, speeding time-to-production.

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