- ISO 14001 Software for effectively managing all aspects of HSE

EcoWebDesk is your specialised tool for the organisation and assessment of your environmental management. You can see whether your company is environmentally friendly and whether it meets objectives for ISO 14001/EMAS, ISO 50001 or requirements for CO2 emissions. EcoWebDesk allows you to control and monitor all company processes concerning waste, energy, freshwater, waste water and materials – simply by the click of a mouse. We are proud that EcoWebDesk is the first software which conforms to the international standards of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 officially confirmed by DEKRA Certification GmbH. This proves EcoWebDesk to be the perfect solution to support your company in the process of certification.

Waste register and disposals

Waste types, amounts, treatment and transport: With the waste register of the EcoWebDesk module Eco-Controlling you are able to centrally record all relevant data, to create accompanying documents and to evaluate amounts and costs.  

Resource monitoring

You can centrally record resource flows and data related to tariffs, energy, freshwater and waste water. EcoWebDesk enables you to easily identify your main consumers are easily identified. Based upon continous target-actual comparisons, weaknesses are analysed systematically. Thus you can quickly detect deficits and approach them with preventive improvement measures. 

Evaluations, indicators and environmental management reports

The EcoWebDesk module Eco-Controlling offers a variety of possibilities for evaluating and visualising data. Customised environmental indicators, such as energy efficiency or CO2 emissions grant you a high amount of flexibility for setting your goals. Various performance charts transparently render the achievements and effectivity of your environmental programme. All data can be exported to standard office software for further processing.


100% verified! EcoWebDesk is suitable for management systems according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 as confirmed by DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH.



The all-in-one solution for every topic in the field of HSE

  • Supports current international standards like ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001
  • Flexible and suited for any range of industry
  • Every aspect of the management system logged and transparent
  • Coordinates the improvement processes and measures
  • Simplifies and standardises your documentation

  • Provide each person involved and easily supply them with information
  • Save time and costs
  • Assign responsibilities and the resulting measures to particular persons
  • Check the compliance of all legal duties
  • Be more efficient in preparing (re-)certifications

  • Create and control all documents in a revision-proof way
  • Define and evaluate the environmental aspects
  • Identify and update your environmental commitments
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities
  • Manage your company’s legal compliance
  • Have every aspect of your environmental management system just a simple click away

  • Create and control all documents in a revision-proof way, including operating instructions
  • Identify hazards, assess the risks and define the measures to improve safety
  • Manage trainings, instructions and qualifications
  • Prevent emergencies and avert dangers
  • Report and analyse incidents
  • Every aspect of your H&S management system is just a simple click away

  • No installation required –ready for immediate use
  • Suited for medium-sized companies as well as for company groups
  • Highest security level and best availability of data
  • No capital commitment or high initial investment
  • Low annual fees will save your budget
  • No costs for administration and system operation
  • Customisable and future-proof
  • Standardised and adjusted to modern IT-solutions

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