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Commercial software doesn’t meet all of the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) information management needs of every company. There are times when an organization’s budget,timeframe, or objectives dictate an individualized system. T3, a Trinity Consultants company, provides custom compliance solutions that give EH&S and operations personnel the ability to streamline procedures, enhance compliance demonstration capabilities, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Benefits of custom compliance solutions include:

  • A custom-tailored solution that is based on specific processes and objectives
  • Minimized costs due to carefully specified functionality
  • Solution ownership that enables organizations to make updates as needed

Below is just a sampling of the EH&S tasks that can be optimized with custom tools:

  • Regulatory applicability and auditing
  • Emissions tracking
  • Title V compliance management
  • Health effects screening
  • Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction (SSM) management

Your custom solution can be Web-based or stand-alone and is available on a variety of platforms. They can be designed to integrate with handheld and/or EMIS solutions. Although each T3 custom compliance solution is unique, the following solution profiles represent the powerful, focused functionality we provide for our clients.

In order to deliver a custom compliance solution that meets client expectations, the T3 project team follows a systematic approach that includes these important steps. Identify the client’s objectives and constraints: What do you hope to accomplish by implementing a CCS? T3 and the client will come to full agreement regarding specific goals and objectives. Together, we will also address potential problems that may occur and how they will be resolved.

Investigate the client’s existing facilities and work processes; map the work processes as necessary:
T3 generally visits the client location to better understand internal resources and stakeholder issues and to help plan a detailed work process.

Determine applicable federal, state, and local regulations and any other critical requirements or constraints:
T3 stays current with all pertinent regulations applicable to your facility and how they may be addressed with your new compliance solution.

Identify data needed for monitoring, recordkeeping, reporting, or decision-making:
T3 and the client will identify all necessary data to ensure a successful implementation.

Create a tool development strategy. Determine the most appropriate algorithms and tool configuration:
T3’s expert Project Managers have extensive experience in developing solutions using the most up-to-date tools and applications.

Create a custom compliance solution that meets stated client needs:
Our main goal is to ensure that the final solution meets stated objectives while maintaining a reasonable timeline and budget.

Document the logic for future modifications and maintenance:
Development practices will be documented for future reference and to facilitate future enhancements or modifications.

Integrate the custom compliance solution into the existing operation:
T3 will seamlessly integrate the new solution with existing systems, migrating and populating data as necessary.

Create procedures for using the custom compliance solution:
It is important to have well-documented procedures for training and evaluation uses. Procedures will be specific, easy to understand, and delivered in a way that meets client needs.

Test the tool and modify as necessary:
Testing allows T3 and the client to discover any problems, gain comfort using the new solution, and guarantee a successful project end.

Train client employees to use the custom compliance solution:
T3 provides training to all necessary employees with all areas of the solution. This allows key personnel within the company to have the ability to train others on an as-needed basis.

T3 was launched in 1995 when Trinity Consultants, a nationwide leader in environmental consulting, responded to client needs by focusing on the specialized area of EH&S management solutions. Today, a powerful combination of regulatory knowledge and systems expertise gives T3 unmatched capability in applying technology to solve industry’s challenges. In every way, T3 is committed to helping you achieve the highest standards – of business performance and environmental responsibility.

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