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EHS and Compliance Solution

Our Environment Health and Safety solution provides a central location in which to record your EHS incidents in a consistent way. You can assign corrective actions, analyse underlying causes, report on incident rates and maintain an accurate record of policy documents, complete with details of downloads and updates. We help you manage your EHS data and meet legislative requirements such as OSHA and RIDDOR within one single system. The cr360 Compliance solution helps you manage your policies, procedures and legislative requirements on a global and local level. You can log documents, permits and licences in a secure, central location and collate all information on risks across your business in a consistent manner.

Environment, Health and Safety is not simply about meeting statutory requirements. It’s about preventing future incidents by acting on the data you collect so your organization can be safe and ready to comply with complex legislation effectively.

Our Solution

A smart EHS management system can provide many benefits to your organization. Regulatory compliance, minimizing operational risks and liabilities, improving corporate image, meeting customer demands, and achieving competitive advantages.

The cr360 EHS & Compliance solution provides you with a range of flexible tools to expand your capabilities across the full range of EHS and compliance management.

Find out how cr360 can help you streamline your EHS management across all units of your organization and which benefits your company can gain. Learn more about deploying an EHS management system and how it can help you ensure and move beyond compliance.


Simple online forms that help ensure incidents are logged consistently.

All information is stored in a single, secure and auditable location.

Meet commitments around established standards (OSHA, RIDDOR) and collect information in line with your company-specific KPIs.

Corrective action requests (CARs) help you to improve your business processes and mitigate risks.

Users from across your business access a single, web-based system to manage compliance issues.

Clear definition of roles and work plans with notifications and reminders.

Full audit log for all data entry and version control for document management.

Ability to engage employees on ethical issues with a unique library of common ethical issues in the workplace.


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