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DataPipe is a complete Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) information management software solution. Its easy-to-use, customizable, modular software design is based on state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET technology. DataPipe has a proven track record for collecting and managing EH&S information, with extensive reporting capabilities and analyses tools that maximize your return on investment (ROI). DataPipe can be run via Web or as a Windows application. Users can automate features and interface with external systems making DataPipe the best choice for EH&S Information Management System (IMS) software.

Staying Power

Our partner – Knorr Associates Inc. (KAI) has been in business since 1979 specializing in EH&S information management. The company was founded for the purpose of interfacing with external EH&S instrumentation. While other EH&S Information Management Packages have come and gone, DataPipe and Knorr Associates are here to stay.  As a result, our products have grown with the industry and you can be confident that we will continue to meet the needs of your organization. DataPipe covers EH&S like no one else.

Advanced Technology

In 1989, DataPipe was released as the first Windows based EH&S software solution, wining numerous industry awards. Since then, times and technology have changed and so has DataPipe. Now, with the significant advance of programming languages and the release of Microsoft’s newest platform, Microsoft .NET, DataPipe has made the leap into the future as the premier, technologically advanced information management software solution.  Using .NET technology allows DataPipe to be deployed and run on Microsoft’s premier platform now and in the future, helping to alleviate the concern of implementing a software solution that’s based on dead-end technology. Security, database access, different deployment options are all part of the .NET Framework (not added on as an afterthought) assuring a secure, robust, highly scalable environment.

Web or Windows – Your Choice

DataPipe can be used as a browser-based system using Internet Explorer or as a native Windows application (your choice – it comes both ways). It uses the latest technologies and programming tools for designing, developing and operating Web-based programs and it is “firewall friendly” because it uses HTML, XML, SOAP and other “friendly” protocols. How users access DataPipe really depends on your organization’s infrastructure and the choices that you make regarding access to the Internet, firewalls, Intranet, application servers, etc.  In this way, users can choose to log on as a windows application or a web login from anywhere they have access and permission. This gives global organizations that are spread out by great distances the ability to easily utilize one centralized database, thus minimizing costs and increasing your organizations return on investment (ROI).


Customization is one of the big key words in DataPipe. Using the powerful Form Designer tool, which is included in the package, you can achieve extensive user, group or global changes. This tool allows a user with the appropriate authorization to customize a form or groups of forms using a point and click interface. (i.e. no computer programming is required). The changes you make can be applied to a specific user or a large group of users. Your choice. The kind of things you can make changes to are; label names, field positions, masks (for Social Security #, postal codes etc.), required fields, lookup tables, validations, email triggers, basic look and feel, custom dictionary creation and even the ability to change the entire language from English to anything else – all at the click of the mouse (plus much more). This is a “must see” during our DEMO.  In working very closely with our clients for more than 25 years, KAI has found that the ability to customize is essential to meeting ever changing business needs. Now you can work with DataPipe – your way. Forms can be easily tailored to conform to changing regulations and in-house systems.

Modular Design

DataPipe is built using a modular design. KAI has over 100 modules to choose from, covering the whole spectrum of EH&S. No one DataPipe customer has them all. It’s important to know that there is NO cost penalty for adding modules to your system at a later date.  The advantage to this is that the customer can pick-and-choose exactly the components necessary to run their business thus improving efficiency and keeping costs low. DataPipe is designed to expand seamlessly as customer needs grow.

Common Office Look-and-Feel

DataPipe has been designed with the standard Microsoft Office look and feel. We use an Explorer navigation window to easily navigate from form to form. Multiple forms and reports can be tracked and used simultaneously. Standard menus make the learning curve next to nothing for new DataPipe users.  Customers save time and money on training. Menus, forms and reports are all accessible and easy to find, use and manipulate based on the standard Microsoft Office look-and-feel. You will feel “right at home” with this enhanced interface.

Multiple Reporting Options

Reports offer a powerful tool for combining any and all information in DataPipe. There are multiple capabilities for output to applications such as Word, Excel, PDF, Access, Crystal Reports and more. There are three primary classes of reports available within DataPipe, Ad Hoc (for quick access to important information), Crystal (for detailed graphical analyses) and Advanced (for sophisticated reporting with highly specific outputs such as an automated OSHA report generator and more). Every module comes with at least one Ad Hoc and one Advanced Report per form (sometimes many more). You can create and save as many reports as you need.  Reports are at the core of DataPipe’s usefulness. Much of your Return on Investment will come from cost-saving and risk analyses done in the reporting section. Reporting is quick and easy. DataPipe allows editing and saving of your reports for future use.

Email Notifications and Triggers

Using the powerful Form Designer Tool that comes with DataPipe, clients can set useful triggers and notifications. Certain data can trigger an event or an email that goes to a supervisor. Enter criteria that tells DataPipe to send an email reminder to an employee that his yearly check-up is due or provide a detailed report based on a specific piece of data that was just entered.  Customers save time and money by instantly being made aware of important events and potential hazards. Let DataPipe work for you. Be made aware of a dangerous trend before danger strikes. Reports can be sent to you based on triggers that you define. Save money by being ahead of the game. Become proactive instead of reactive.

Instrumentation Integration

KAI started out in 1979 integrating with lab instruments. The next logical leap was to develop software to manage the information. That’s what lead to DataPipe’s launch in 1989. In fact, since its founding, there has not been one instrument that Knorr Associates could not interface with given the required access.  Your new or old systems and instrumentation can be completely automated to exchange information with DataPipe. Eliminate manual data transfer. Save time and money.

Database Independence

The .NET version of DataPipe is database independent. It will run using either Oracle, SQL Server or DB2. It’s your choice: Organizations tend to standardize differently. While an Oracle database may be the preferred database in one organization, SQL Server may be preferred by another and DB2 in yet another. In order to accommodate the various databases, DataPipe supports the top three database vendors. As other databases become more prevalent in the future, adding support for them would be as simple as writing a new data access driver that targets a particular database.  So not only does DataPipe support about 95% of the database market, it has room for expandability in the future, thus assuring that DataPipe can accommodate the present as well as grow with your organization’s needs.

Multi-Tier Application

DataPipe is a multi-tier or n-tier application.

Tier 1: or “Client” includes the entire user interface. Since DataPipe can be run as a Web-based application, users access and interact with the application using a Web Browser (Internet Explorer), from their WorkStation, Laptop, handheld or pen/slate type computer. DataPipe can also be accessed as a native Windows application as well.

Tier 2: is the IIS Server and Web Services part of the system. The distributed application resides on a Web Server and components provide the business logic and the rules that govern the application. This tier acts to connect the user at one end with the data at the other end.

Tier 3: is the “Data Services” part of the system. DataPipe is a database independent system, which allows customers to select and use their preferred database.

Separating application logic in to several tiers allows an application to distribute processing power across multiple computers. This allows us to offer an extremely scalable solution. As usage of DataPipe may grow, so too can the infrastructure needed to support it grow to accommodate the increased demand on resources. DataPipe was architected to scale up (add more hardware to a server) or out (add more servers to an environment) to meet the resource demands of even the largest organizations.


In addition to any security mechanisms your organization has implemented, DataPipe has its own security mechanisms. Users or groups of users must be granted access. The client has control over what forms users see and what they can do. In addition you can also control what they can and can’t do within the database. Some user may be allowed to see only certain sets of data. So while two users could in fact be looking at the same form/database, they each may have unique views. There are many levels of security and protection within DataPipe. How strongly you want to enforce them depends on you.  The security built in to DataPipe gives you control over how you want your users to interact with the system. Additionally, you also have a way to monitor and make changes based on usage data.

User Manager

The DataPipe User Manager is an included tool that monitors and enforces session durations as well as offers a means to monitor who is currently on the system in real-time.  In this way you will have control over access priorities and can track the concurrent user license to see if it is working for you.

License Fee

DataPipe license fee is based on the number of modules you select and the number of concurrent users you license. “Concurrent users” is defined as the number of actual users logged into the system at any one moment in time. Thus, you may have 4000 valid DataPipe users but if at any one time, only 30 people use DataPipe, and then you would require a 30 “concurrent user” license.  Our clients have always been pleased with this cost saving licensing agreement. Apples to apples, we are below industry average. You choose your components and the number of concurrent users. We provide the monitoring tools to verify that your choice is the right one. In the event that additional modules or user licenses are required, adding them to the system is simple, easy-to-do and comes at NO cost penalty to you.

Use PDA’s and Tablet PCs

Our Questionnaire module has an add-on that allows you to administer questionnaires from a Tablet or a Microsoft Pocket PC device. You can build multiple questionnaires from lists of questions. Build physical exams, medical histories, safety and IH surveys and many other questionnaires with this module. Synchronize data with your regular DataPipe system with ease. Also maintains answers to questionnaires. TABLET PCs will actually run a full copy of DataPipe, allowing clients to use them out in the field. Synchronize them to the database using a wired or wireless connection and you can easily become mobile in the workplace.  Our customers do some of their data work on the move. Using a PDA or a Tablet PC has been a productivity booster and DataPipe makes it easy to capture the information you need and synch it back to a central DataPipe system.

Datapipe as an ASP

Using an Application Service Provider (ASP) to host applications such as DataPipe is becoming more common in today’s marketplace. With a low monthly cost, you can eliminate the need for IT specialists and support staff to maintain your additional applications. DataPipe can be run and maintained from a hosting site outside your company. You maintain complete access. You maintain complete control. You also have a support staff available to you at all times as well. All the standard safety features can be included in a monthly package such as incremental and full backups, security, firewalls, encryption etc.  Save money on IT resources to support your applications. Eliminate the worry of lost data, power failures or security infiltrations. Rely on the latest in technology and the best equipment in the market. Low cost monthly packages are available.

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