EHS Legal Updates


Meet ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Legal Requirements. Monitor environmental, health and safety legislation in Canada, the United States and 60 + Countries.

5 Steps to EHS updates

  1. Publication of change to an EHS law or other requirement.
  2. 3 days later, easy to understand update posted on NimonikApp.
  3. 3 weeks later, changed and new laws affecting operations are added to the Tasks page.
  4. Assign responsibility to a colleague to review items. Your colleague reviews the change, leaves a note with a timestamp.
  5. Managers can see complete full item history, generate reports, add new items and institute procedures to ensure compliance.

Collaborate, Assign Responsibility and Take Action

Issue action items to responsible people. From the Tasks panel, you can assign a responsible person and they can review the change. Your team leaves a note and we log the date and time, creating a rigorous paper trail of your compliance efforts.

Quickly understand legislative and other changes

With our Tasks panel you can dive into legislative changes, consult our easy to understand explanations and dive into the source material. Compare section by section, or navigate to source material on the government website.

Monitor critical legislation for changes

Pick and choose the legislation that matters to you. Environmental, Health and Safety legal compliance shouldn’t be hard or risky. Take your existing legal registers or let us help you pick and choose important legislation that matters to your team. Receive targeted updates and manage internal changes to your operations, ensuring you are compliant all the time.

Manage permits, certificates of authorization and your corporate requirements

Never forget another reporting deadline. With our tools, you can manage permits, certificates of authorization and identify corporate requirements. Easily create recurring tasks, set responsible people and follow up to ensure everything is filed properly and on time. Synchronize these important dates with your Outlook calendar.

Create a complete paper trail

Demonstrating compliance requires evidence. When the external audit comes, you’ll be ready. With Nimonik, you build up a detailed history of your legal compliance efforts, reviews and actions taken. All information is available at the click of a button.

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