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- Version 2 - Flight Planning & Control Software


eMotion is senseFly’s intuitive ground station software, supplied with every senseFly drone. Use it to plan, simulate, monitor and control your mapping flight.

01. Plan

Import your background map of choice and draw a rectangle (or create a more complex polygon) over the area you want to map. Then define your required ground resolution and image overlap. eMotion will automatically generate a full flight plan, calculating the eBee’s required altitude and displaying its projected trajectory.

Flying over uneven terrain? Use eMotion's 3D mission planning feature to consider elevation data when setting the altitude of mission waypoints and the resulting flight lines - improving ground resolution and increasing mission safety. You can even check your flight plan in Google Earth, using eMotion's built-in interface.

02. Simulate

eMotion's Simulator mode will help you plan your flight and explore the advanced functions of your senseFly drone.

Simulating your flight helps you understand the position and size of images that will be taken. It also allows you to learn more about advanced functions, such as in-flight waypoint editing and camera control, without putting your drone at risk.

Enter the wind strength and direction, then press Play to 'launch' your drone. You can view all aspects of your flight as the drone flies its mission. You can also use eMotion's Google Earth interface to follow your flight in 3D. Then, if necessary, just update your flight plan and save it for future use.

03. Monitor

Once you have launched your drone, eMotion displays all its flight parameters, battery level and image acquisition progress in real time.

The main Map Area displays the drone's current position, updated live as it executes its flight. A small arrow and info box show the wind speed and direction, as measured by the drone, while the Status Panel that follows the moving drone icon displays its current waypoint status, battery charge, flight time and altitude. All of these data and more are also shown in the Flight Monitoring tab of the sidebar on the right.

In the event of a problem, such as extreme winds or low battery, a warning message instantly appears.

04. Control

Made a mistake with your flight planning? With eMotion you can reconfigure your drone’s flight plan and landing point while in flight. For example, just drag and drop to move the landing location and angle of approach.

The Control Bar at the top of the screen provides further options, such as putting your drone in a Hold position, returning to land, or aborting a landing (should a car stop at or near the landing point for example). Otherwise, your drone will automatically land at its designated landing point when its mission is over.

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